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Welcome to the Longspur Prairie Fund! The Longspur Prairie Fund facilitates three types of projects in the High Plains. First, we actively conduct prairie and wetland restoration -- the planting of marginal farmland with native grasses, forbs, and aquascapes -- in and around the Red River Valley. Second, we support research, education, and youth programming directly connected to our area's wildlife, agriculture, and ecology. Third, and finally, we develop voluntary habitat adoption strategies in partnership with local farms, businesses, churches, and industries that are passionate about sustaining the natural legacy of our region. If you'd like to get involved, to ask a question, to schedule a site visit, or if you'd just like to set up a meeting to chat, then drop us a line in the box below.  If you'd like to help us continue our work in our area, then click here. Every cent is 100% tax deductible. Every penny stays right here in the High Plains. Let's go!

Thanks for the message. We'll be in touch shortly.

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