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Adopt an Acre

We can't do our work without our local partners. Together, we’re building a network of restored prairies and wetlands in the Red River Valley and surrounding counties that serves local wildlife, local scientists, local hunters, and local communities.


How can you get involved? 




Donate or adopt an acre (PDF) of local prairie or wetland.


The Longspur Prairie Fund offers five levels of annual prairie and wetland sponsorship:


$240/year, adopt 1 acre, Prairie Partner

$1200/year, adopt 5 acres, Prairie Steward

$2400/year, adopt 10 acres, Prairie Warden

$4800/year, adopt 20 acres, Prairie Sun

$9600/year, adopt 40 acres, Prairie Star


Every acre of restored prairie can:

     - store more than a metric ton of carbon;

     - provide habitat for hundreds of species of wildlife;

     - sustain thousands of different species of native grasses and flowers;

     - astonish you with the beauty of our region's natural heritage. 


Every acre of restored wetland can:

     - store (and purify) about 1.5 million gallons of run-off;

     - recharge ground aquifers with water that has been filtered of 95% of its nitrogen and phosphorus;

     - provide habitat for over 25% of the High Plains’ native plant and animal species; 

     - make you feel great about our land and our place in it. 



All monies raised through Longspur's Adopt an Acre program directly support Longspur's programming and our land acquisition initiatives. 


To learn more and to take action, please click below: 


LPF Adopt an Acre Brochure (PDF)

LPF Adopt an Acre Sponsorship Form (PDF)



If you'd like to talk to us directly, please contact the Executive Director at any time, by phone or email: 

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