Postponed to 2021 |   Ulen Prairie  

Map to LPF's Ulen Prairie (PDF Download)

So, what's a "tent fest"?

The LPF Tent Fest is a celebration of the native landscapes of the High Plains. We cook out on open flames, drink great beverages, listen to great music, trek the prairie, watch the sunset, enjoy great company, and wake to enjoy breakfast in the light of a magnificent prairie sunrise. 


Why is tent-festing important?

It is one thing to 'know' the beauty and virtues of the prairie -- it's quite another to sit and experience it for yourself. Tent-festing lets us enjoy our natural legacy as it was meant to be enjoyed: no cars, no traffic, no concrete, no nonsense. Just the wild, in all its glory.


How do you "tent fest"?

Tent festing is easy! You bring your tent, your food, and your love of the outdoors to Ulen Prairie. We bring the fire, the beer, and the music! 


I'm ready to tent fest! Now what?

Tickets will be available NEXT SUMMER on Eventbrite!

Do you have to be a certain age to camp?

The Tent Fest is a 21+ event. 


What should I bring to the tent fest?

1. Tent and camping grub. 

2. Sleeping bag

3. Toiletry kit

4. Flashlight

5. Lawn chair


That's it! You're ready to tent fest!  

Map to LPF's Ulen Prairie (PDF Download)

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We restore native landscapes and preserve them for all time. 







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