Patrons and Sponsors

The Longspur Prairie Fund is honored to be part of a community that is committed to the enhancement and preservation of the natural heritage of the Red River Valley. 


If this work touches your heart, then please consider donating on Longspur's Impact Foundation page. Every cent counts -- every acres counts. Or, if you're interested in making a larger impact and taking some ownership, you can adopt an acre.  


If you'd like to help us continue our work here in the High Plains, then click here to invest. If you're thinking about Longspur's Adopt an Acre program, then please click here. Every cent is 100% tax deductible. And since we are staffed entirely by local volunteers, every penny stays right here in the Red River Valley. 

The 2019 Longspur Prairie Fund Honor Roll

Huge thanks are due the following patrons for their support, friendship, and vision:

Mike Allmendinger, Mark Alonge, Rachel Andersen-Peterson, Janel Anderson and Craig Dowd, Maggie Arzdorf, Rachel Asleson, Olivia Bain, Denise Bakkum, Julie Barner, Grace Bateman, Dante Battochi, D. Bryan Bishop, John Borge, Scott Brusven, Julie Burgum, William Caraher, Dan Carey, Lisa Cook, Tom Dawson, Lloyd DeBoer, Anna Dillon, Ronald Ellingson, Jay and Bonnie Erickson, Erica Frank, Laura Gariano, Barbara Glasrud, Heidi Goldberg, Roberta Green, Marissa Hall, Sara and Brian Halverson, David Hamilton, Jill Hamilton, Bob Hanna, Peter Hatinen, Judy Hoffman, Erin Holdman, Emily Holt, Kevin and Angela Horsman, Alden Hvidston, Arland and Willy Jacobson, Christine Jaeger, Chad Johnson, Christina Johnson, Marshall Johnson, Corrin Jones-Kremer, Sandra Knutson, Mackenzie Kouba, David Lambeth, Jackie Lang, Gary Larson, Roger Larson, Rod Larson, Randy and Mary Jo Lewis, Ryley Maisch, Alexandra Martin, Dr. Sue Mathison, Christopher McCullough, Dwight Mickelson, Jason Mittlestadt, Robert and Shirley Montgomery, Austin and Laura Morris, Chris Mortenson, Suzanne Noakes, Eric and Liz Nuytten, Chris Orth, Gia Rassier, Kimberly Rossow, Jonathan Rutter, Drew Sandberg, Monique Sauvageau, Anna Schultz, Roger and Ruthie Schultz, William Schultz, Sheila Sears Wichmann, Mark Sinner, Laurie Sommerville, Spotlight Media, Carol Stefonek, Sally Sterk, Lucille Thrasher, Steve Travers, J. Patrick Traynor, Gerald Van Amburg, James VanRaden, Jillain Veil-Ehnert, Vanita Vik-Ohlgren, Joan Vorderbruggen, Heather Waddell, Coralie Wai, Nicholas Walberg, Kari Warnke, Paul West, Bo Wink, Andrea Williams, Jack Yakowicz, and five anonymous donors. 

The 2018 Longspur Prairie Fund Honor Roll

Huge thanks are due the following patrons for their support, friendship, and vision:

AgCountry Farm Credit Services, Emily Alm, Mark Alonge, Dave Anderson Construction, Janel Anderson, Lenay Anderson, Maggie Arzdorf, Nathan Axvig, Brad Bachman, Julie Barner, Dante Battocchi, Bell State Bank, Bryan Bishop (In Memory of John E. Keiser), Tanya Borud, Michelle Brislin, Scott Brusven, Julie Burgum, Sara Bush, Susan Caraher, Dan Carey, George Connell, Lloyd & Marilyn DeBoer, Anna Dillon, Phil Doll, Erik Eggers & Laura Dronen, Eide Bailly, Cathryn Erbele, Elite Equine Veterinary Dentistry, Laura Gariano, Margaret Gaynor, Heidi Goldberg, R. Gunderson, Marissa Hall, Clark and Judy Hoffman, Emily Holt, Jennifer Hoyle (In Memory of Stafford Woodall), Thomas & Katie Hutchens, Willy & Arland Jacobson, Christine Jaeger, Chad Johnson, Marshall Johnson, Mark Johnson, Kilbourne Group, Corrin Jones Kremer, Sandra Knutson, Jessica Kvanvig, Roger Larson, Gary Larson, Corinne Lecy, Su Legatt, Mary Jo and Randy Lewis, Mary Lisko, Josh Lysne, Heather Maloney French, Rob Manch, Susan Mathison, Tom Mayer, Austin & Laura Morris, Chris Mortenson, Nature of the North, Sarah Nasello, Andrea Nelson, Jon Nilles, Suzy Noakes, Office Sign Company, Warren Olson, Park Company Realtors, Cameron Peterson, Julie Peterson Klein, Gia Rassier, Mike Rufer, Jonathan Rutter, Virginia Rutter, William Schultz, Anna Schultz, Michael Schumacher, Sally Sterk, Scot Stradley, Stradley Economic Research, Jenifer Strand, Heather Szklarski, Melanie Theilen, Heather Tibbits, Steve Tavers, Terri Trickle, University of North Dakota, VisionBank, Coralie & Samuel Wai, Jon Walters, Paul West, Andrea Williams, Robin Williams, Jack Yakowicz, and three anonymous donors.

The 2017 Longspur Prairie Fund Honor Roll

Huge thanks are due the following patrons for their support, friendship, and vision:

Amanda Allen, Mike Allmedinger, Mark Alonge, Maggie Arzdorf, D.B. Bishop, Kathy Borge, Scott Brusven, Laura Caroon, Kim Chandler, Michaela Chorn, Marilyn DeBoer, Richard Gilmore, Heidi Goldberg, Trina Hall, Jill Hamilton, David Hamilton, Derek Hennen, Scott R. Holdman, Emily Holt, Vanessa Hughes, Thomas & Katie Hutchens, Mark Huus, Christina Johnson, Marshall Johnson, Corrin Jones-Kremer, Jennifer Klath, Sandra Knutson, Verna Kragnes, Lake Agassiz Kiwanis Club, Jackie Lang, Yvette LaPierre, Kristy Lappinga, Gary Larson, Spencer Livdahl, Bryan Lord, Susan Mathison, Dwight Mickelson, Elizabeth Nuytten, Chris Orth, Bethany Panjini, Julie Peterson Klein, Robert Ross, Jonathan Rutter, Ruthie and Roger Schultz, Clee Sealing, Erika Serquina, Amy Soma, Sally Sterk, Olin Storvick, Lucille Thrasher, Stephen and Mae Tinguely, The Title Company, Melissa Tomlinson, Terri Trickle, Tess Varner, Jillain Veil-Ehnert, Bruce Vieweg, Paul West, Andrea Williams, Carolyn Wintersteen, Paul Wraalstad, Vision Bank, three anonymous donors, and two anonymous angel donors.

The 2016 Longspur Prairie Fund Honor Roll

Huge thanks are due the following patrons for their support, friendship, and vision:

Richard Allen, Mark Alonge, Jeanne Aske, Maggie Azdorf, Lisa Bares-Olson, Jason Beesinger, Sandra Blakely, Darryl Booker, John Borge

Scott Brusven, Stacy Dibbell, Zach Forstrom, Richard Gilmore, Heidi Goldberg, Marissa Hall, David Hamilton, Jill Hamilton, Scott Holdman

Michelle Holmes, Katie and Thomas Hutchens, Mark Huus, Marshall Johnson, David Lambeth, Kristy Lappinga, Gary and Melody Larson, Todd Lee, Steve Lindaas, Chelsey Lutteke, Julie Peterson Klein, Susan Mathison, Amanda Mazumder, Bryan McCoy, Samantha McDonald, Caroline McGuire, Elizabeth Nuytten, Robert Ross, Jonathan Rutter, Roger and Ruth Schultz, Olin Storvick, Carolyn Sundquist, Greg Tehven, Lucy Thrasher, Mae and Stephen Tinguely, Patrick Traynor, Jillain Veil-Ehnert, Deborah Wallwork, Andrea Williams, Robin Williams, Carolyn & David Wintersteen, Paul Wraalstad, Joan Voderbruggen, two anonymous donors, and two anonymous angel donors. 

The 2015 Longspur Prairie Fund Honor Roll

Huge thanks are due the following patrons for their support, friendship, and vision:

 Holly Anderson, Vince Arnold, Jean Aske, Maggie Arzdorf, D. Bryan Bishop, Sandy Blakely, Darryl Booker, Michael Cichy, Mark Covey, Miguel Danielson, Lloyd DeBoer, Crystal Demaree, Meridee Erickson-Stowman, Zach Forstrom, Richard Gilmore, Brian Gramer (In Honor of the Gramer Family), Marissa Hall, Roy Hammerling, Jarrett Hardester, Sally and David Harmon, Stewart Herman, Marty Hoffman (In Honor of Tom Byers), Michelle Holmes, Mark Johnson, Samantha Kundinger, Kristy Lappinga, Todd Lee, Susan Mathison, Tom Mayer, Bryan McCoy, Caroline McGuire, Dwight Mickelson (In Memory of Morris Mickelson), Cady Mittlestadt, Marissa Opheim, Randina Poels (In Honor of Laura Cufman), Vicki Poels, Dana Rognlie, Beth Schmieg, Peter Schultz, Roger and Ruth Schultz, William Schultz, Laurel Sparks, Mark Stansbury-ODonnell, Olin Storvick, Laura Surtees, Ben Thomas, Stephen and Me Tinguely, J. Pat Traynor, Imran Vagoo, Jillain Veil-Ehnert, Bruce Vieweg, Vanita Vik-Ohlgren, Joan Voderbruggen, and six anonymous donors.   


The Longspur Prairie Fund is proud of our partnerships with these local businesses and foundations:



The Longspur Prairie Fund is dedicated to fostering the experiences, insights, and pleasures found in the native landscapes of the Red River Valley by way of advocacy, education, and conservation.

We respect farmers, hunters, business owners, their properties, and their communities. We protect native plants, animals, habitats, and their ecologies. We teach the wisdom of the prairie through the arts and sciences. ​

We restore native landscapes and preserve them for all time. 







The Longspur Prairie Fund (EIN 83-2452110) is a non-profit, tax-exempt charity under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.      

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"Our profession is to always find God in nature."  - Henry David Thoreau