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The Longspur Prairie Fund supports scientists and artists involved in rigorous, disciplined, and - above all - creative research. Longspur supports individuals who are passionate about testing, making, and defining new ways through which we can talk about ourselves, our local ecology, and our local agriculture. While there is plenty of theory out there - in both the sciences and the arts - the Longspur Prairie Fund pays special attention, and gives distinctive support, to scientists and artists who directly engage the practical compositions, problems,  processes, and pleasures unique to the Red River Valley. To further this goal, Longspur Fellowships in the Sciences and the Arts were created.




















Longspur Fellowships in the Sciences and Arts were established in 2013 by the Longspur Fund to provide financial support to individual researchers, scholars, and artists who are passionate about the Red River Valley. Awards are paid directly to Fellows and are meant to facilitate their work. Fellowships may be awarded to students, graduate students, independent scholars, or professional faculty  at any stage of their careers. All researchers, scholars, and artists working within any intellectual or artistic tradition are welcome.


Longspur Fellowships in the Natural Sciences FAQ (PDF)

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Laura Aldrich-Wolfe 6 (2013).JPG
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