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Our Mission

The Longspur Prairie Fund is dedicated to fostering the experiences, insights, and pleasures found in the native landscapes of the Red River Valley by way of advocacy, education, and conservation. We respect farmers, hunters, business owners, their properties, and their communities. We protect native plants, animals, habitats, and their ecologies.  We teach the wisdom of the prairie through the arts and sciences. ​We restore native landscapes and preserve them for all time.


Our Partners

The Longspur Prairie Fund's most important partners are local citizens: the farmers, hunters, scientists, artists, and business owners of the Red River Valley. We also work in close cooperation with NDSU Biological Sciences and NDSU Environmental and Conservation Sciences, the Energy and Environmental Research Center (UND), The Nature Conservancy of Minnesota, the Minnesota Natural Resources Conservation ServiceDucks Unlimited Minnesota, the Minnesota Prairie Chicken Society, Dakota Audubon and Nature of the North. Collaborative projects include research initiatives in the prairie arts and sciences, land acquisition and restoration, outdoor programming and education for young people, and ongoing scholarship regarding the use of the native wetlands and prairies of the High Plains for authentic, voluntary carbon sequestration. LPF's Adopt an Acre program allows local business and industries to take direction action in support of our local hunting grounds and landscapes and to help enhance the natural heritage of the mighty Red River Valley. 


Our Associates

The Longspur Prairie Fund actively supports the following organizations and businesses: the Minnesota Future Farmers of America AssociationThe Audubon Society of Minnesota, the Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Minnesota, Crookston, the Minnesota Chapter of the Wildlife Society, the Minnesota Sharp-Tailed Grouse Society, the Minnesota State University Moorhead, Regional Science Center, the Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center, Woodland Prairies, LLC, and Prairie Restoration, Inc. 

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