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Prairie Arts and Sciences

Maintaining support for the restoration and preservation of our native prairies and wetlands is both a challenge and a joy.


Local hunters and naturalists are critical to our mission. So are local farmers and business owners. And so are local scientists and artists.


The Longspur Prairie Fund is proud of its partnerships with local biologists, ecologists, and their students. We are equally proud of our partnerships with local artists and writers.  The sciences and the arts provide important bridges between our natural world and our minds. New scientific research facilitates and deepens our understanding of the nuances and complexities of our local biosphere. The same can be said for new artistic work. The arts and sciences help us stay connected to our changing environment. Perhaps most importantly, the arts and sciences inspire us through the celebration of human reason, creativity, and passion. They make us feel alive. 


LPF Research Summary, 2012-2013 (PDF)

LPF Research Summary, 2013-2014 (PDF)


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