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LPF Site 7 - The Eighth Street Microprairie

Longspur's Site 7, the Eighth Street Micro-Prairie, is located on Historic South Eighth Street in Downtown Fargo and consists of one micro-plot located to the south of Nichole's Fine Pastry and Dakota Fine Art. The site was sponsored by  local businesswoman, Christine Jaeger, and hosts a stunning mural featuring the rusty-patched bumblebee and purple prairie coneflower from artist and local visionary, Jeff Knight. Planting on Site 7 began in the summer of 2019. The site is now open -- for the entire community -- to enjoy all year long, sunrise to sunset. 


Longspur's Site 7 - The Eighth Street Micro-Prairie exists to connect our residential communities to our natural heritage, creating habitat where it is most scarce. This site the latest of many in Longspur's pledge to innovate and reimagine our sidewalks from marginally used spaces to biodiverse, native habitats.


A special opportunity exists on-site for explorers young and old in a new geocache, developed by the incredible Gia “GiaCaches” Rassier. There is no need to disturb the prairie to locate the cache, but remember - stealth will go a long way in ensuring this cache stays in place for all to enjoy. If you’d like to read more about this special addition to the site — and get some tips for spotting the cache:


Want to learn more about how YOUR business could support habitat for native wildflowers and endangered pollinators? Reach out to to sponsor your very own micro-prairie!

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