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February 2021

2021.2.8. AP News. 50 Yellowstone Bison Transported to Montana Reservation.

2021.2.7. Reese, Kayli. Telegraph Herald. Conservation-Focused Cemetery Now Open Near Galena, Ill.

2021.2.3. Liz Stewart Center for Rural Affairs. Farm Forum. Women's Learning Circles Produce Pollinator-Friendly Education.

2021.2.3. Gunderson, Dan. MPR News. Corporations Nudge Farmers to Help the Environment.

2021.2.2. Day, Susan. University of Wisconsin-Madison News. UW-Madison Arboretum Designated a National Historic Landmark.

2021.2.2. Cherveny, Tom. West Central Tribune. Lac qui Parle County Public Land Dispute in Hands of Judge After Parties Stipulate to Facts.

2021.2.1. Schuld, Donna. Press Times. Honoring an Innovator by Bringing a Prairie to Life.

January 2021

2021.1.29. Cronin, Dana. Harvest Public Media. More Farmers Are Planting Cover Crops Thanks to State Incentive Programs.

2021.1.29. Birkeland, Mike, Ann Mulholland, and Anne Schwagerl. MinnPost. Natural Areas and Working Lands Are Key to Minnesota's Future.

2021.1.26. Nelson, Jackie. Hillsboro Free Press. Preserving the Prairies.

2021.1.24. CBS News. Nature: Winter in Minnesota.

2021.1.22. Raache, Hicham. KFOR News. Oklahoma Landowners Invited to Help Protect Northern Bobwhites & Monarch Butterflies.

2021.1.22. Arbuckle, Jr., J. Gordon. Iowa State University. Iowa Farm and Rural Life Poll Shows Farmers' Beliefs on Climate Change Are Shifting.

2021.1.20. Luntz, Stephen. IFLScience. Western Monarch Butterflies on Extinction Path After Record Low Winter.

2021.1.14. Shapiro, Ariel. Forbes. America's Biggest Owner of Farmland Is Now Bill Gates.

2021.1.12. Howell, Wendy. Williams-Grand Canyon News. Agritourism Camp Approved for Garland Prairie in Williams.

2021.1.11. Helzer, Chris. The Prairie Ecologist. Is Fire Really Essential in Prairies?

2021.1.10. Gillam, Carey. The Guardian. 'There's a Red Flag Here': How an Ethanol Plant is Dangerously Polluting a US Village.

2021.1.9. Piper, Alison. Bozeman Daily Chronicle. More Montanans Turned to the Prairie in 2020.

2021.1.7. Branch, Rhiannon. Brownfield Ag News. US Drought Monitor Shows 60% of Country Lacking Moisture.

2021.1.4. Sobota, Lenore. The Pantagraph. White Bison a New Sign of Hope at Wildlife Prairie Park.

2021.1.4. Clayton, Chris. Progressive Farmer. CRP General Sign Up Begins.