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LPF Site 6 - The Mickelson Microprairie

Longspur's Site 6, the Mickelson Micro-Prairie, is located in Moorhead and consists of one micro-plot located in the backyard of a residence. The site is privately-owned. Planting on Site 6 began in the summer of 2016. The site is now open -- for the entire community -- to enjoy all year long, sunrise to sunset. 

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Longspur's Site 6 - The Mickelson Micro-Prairie exists to connect our residential communities to our natural heritage, creating habitat where it is most scarce. This site the first of many in Longspur's pledge to innovate and reimagine our residential yards from marginally used spaces to biodiverse, native habitats.


The seed mix utilized for the Mickelson Micro-Prairie was harvested to establish LPF Site 5 - the Elm Street Micro-Prairie. With each native wildflower producing a bounteous amount of seed for division, the potential for sustainable and exponential growth of residential prairies is significant. 


Want to learn more about how YOUR yard could become habitat for native wildflowers and endangered pollinators? Reach out to to sponsor your very own micro-prairie!

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