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The Top Seven Reasons to work with the Longspur Prairie Fund. 

7. We don’t have offices or secretaries; we don’t have coffee makers or copy machines.

Our offices are the prairies, the wetlands, and the fields of the High Plains. Our machines are our trucks, our four-wheelers, our boots, and our legs. We don’t spend our time and money -- or your time or your money -- on nonsense. We spend our time and our money on our mission.

6. We are pro-reason, pro-business, pro-farmer, pro-hunter, and -- above all -- pro-science.

We don't tolerate "greenwashing," hysteria, or hyperbole. We are pragmatic, not political; practical, not metaphysical. We get it done. 

5. We don’t have agents or fund raisers running around the world; we work exclusively in the High Plains.

We are North Dakota and Minnesota natives. We know and respect our rights, our lands, our partners, and our neighbors.

4. We value our communities. 

Our sites are privately-owned, but publicly accessible. We support our local hunting traditions -- traditions that have formed key bases for our economy and culture since before European settlement. Likewise, we support artists, scientists, and scholars, who always enjoy open access to our sites, unencumbered by bureaucracies or paperwork.

3. We don’t take ages to start -- or to finish -- our projects.

We are fast, efficient, and effective. We know that your most valuable resource is time. We won't waste it. Ever. 

2. We don't settle for anything less than the best for every site and every community with which we work.

We are small, but our values are huge. We strive every day to be the gold standard by which conservation organizations are judged. We say what we mean. We do what we say. Always. 

1. We live our mission. 100%.  

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