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Select Farm & Prairie News from 2018 . . . .

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December 2018

2018.12.31. Detisch, ChristianYale E360 Digest. The Tiny Insect That Holds Major Clues for Improving Renewable Energy.

2018.12.27. Abbott, ChuckSuccessful Farming. 10 Things to Know About the 2018 Farm Bill.

2018.12.26. Spencer, Jim. Star Tribune. Pilot Program Aimed at Encouraging Farmers to Alter Growing Styles.

2018.12.21. Arnold, CarrieNational Geographic. We're Losing Monarchs Fast—Here's Why.

2018.12.19. Nargi, Lela. JStore Daily. Can Cows Help Mitigate Climate Change? Yes, They Can!

2018.12.19. Gunderson, Dan. MPR News. A Sold-Out Conference on Soil Health? Absolutely, Say Farmers.

2018.12.18. Loomis, Molly. National Geographic. How Cattle Can Help Save the Birds of the Great Plains.

2018.12.14. Gross, Neil. The New York Times. Is Environmentalism Just for Rich People?

2018.12.12. Hervey, Angus. Future Crunch. 99 Good News Stories You Probably Didn't Hear About in 2018.

2018.12.11. Garlinghouse, Tom. Science Mag. Male and Female Bees Have Radically Different Taste in Flowers.

2018.12.11. Dunbar, Elizabeth. MPR News. Farm Bill Details Released: What It Means for Minnesota, From Farming to Food Stamps.

2018.12.9. Duggan, Kevin. Fort Collins Coloradoan. Prairie Dog Relocation Doesn't Guarantee Survival, But Conservationists Are Willing to Take the Chance.

2018.12.9. Anderson, Dennis. Star Tribune. Rather Than Install Runoff System, Minnesota Farmer's Excess Water Is Part of Wetlands Habitat.

2018.12.7. Schik, Karen. Friends of the Mississippi River. Bird Surveys Reveal Steady Increases at FMR Prairie Restorations.

2018.12.6. Pohjanpalo, Kati. Bloomberg. World's First Honey Bee Vaccine Seeks to Save Dying Pollinators.

2018.12.5. Davis, Walt. Dakota Farmer. We Now Face Two Agricultures.

2018.12.4. Tetrick, Jason. Wallaces Farmer. Grazing Systems a Haven for Grassland Birds.

2018.12.4. Hahn, Anthony. Daily Camera. Lafayette Should Draft Colony Map, Update Policy as Part of Prairie Dog Protection Efforts, Committee Chairman Suggests.

2018.12.3. Chaney, Rob. Missoulian. Hard Sell in Hard Country: American Prairie Reserve Hopes to Draw Tourists to Bison.

2018.12.1. Chasteen, Bonnie. Missouri Conservationist Magazine. Hidden Allies.

2018.12. Schwarz, Matthew S., Drew R. Davis, and Jacob L. Kerby. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. An Evaluation of Agricultural Tile Drainage Exposure and Effects to Wetland Species and Habitat [...].

November 2018

2018.11.30. Clean Water Council. Clean Water Land & Legacy Amendment. FY 20-21 Clean Water Fund and Policy Recommendations Report.

2018.11.30. Beyer, Wayne. Wahpeton Daily News. Deer Hunting Allows Appreciation of Prairies, Sloughs and Wildlife.

2018.11.27. Jarvis, Brooke. The New York Times Magazine. The Insect Apocalypse Is Here: What Does It Mean for the Rest of Life on Earth?

2018.11.26. Sage Grouse Initiative. Grazed Rangelands Produce Sage Grouse Chicks' Preferred Food.

2018.11.26. Noe, Ryan. University of Minnesota Twin Cities Institute on the Environment. Visualizing Envornmental Benefits: UMN's New Acquisition Assessment Tool.

2018.11.26. Kautz, Lydia. Emporia Gazette. Celebrating Christmas Tallgrass Prairie-style.

2018.11.26. Gunderson, Dan. MPR News. Microbes in the Crop Rows: Soil's Secrets May Yield a New Ag Revolution.

2018.11.26. Berry, Bill. The Capital Times. Bill Berry: Prairie Chicken Conservation Not Smooth Sailing.

2018.11.26. Belz, Adam. Star Tribune. Farm Bankruptcies Are on the Rise, and Bankers Worry That Far More Are on the Way.

2018.11.25. Van Norman, Kay. Bozeman Daily Chronicle. American Prairie Reserve's Agenda Not Good for State.

2018.11.20. Marcotty, Josephine. StarTribune. Dayton Task Force Finds Many Ways to Give Bees a Chance.

2018.11.16. Kennedy, Tony. StarTribune. Nature Photographer Jim Brandenburg Helps Preserve His Corner of Minnesota Tallgrass Prairie.

2018.11.15. Frisch, Tracy. EcoFarmingDaily. Gabe Brown on Ecosystem Stewardship.

2018.11.14. Koziol, Liz, Peggy A. Schultz, Geoffrey L. House, Jonathan T. Bauer, Elizabeth L. Middleton, and James D. Bever. BioScience. The Plant Microbiome and Native Plant Restoration: The Example of Native Mycorrhizal Fungi

2018.11.8. Igl, Larence D., Welsey E. Newton, Todd A. Grant, and Cami S. Dixon. United States Geological Survey. Adaptive Management in Native Grasslands Managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service - Implications for Grassland Birds.

2018.11.8. Gunderson, Dan. MPRNews. Dirt Rich: Healthy Soil Movement Gains Ground in Farm Country.

2018.11.7. Begemann, Sonja. AgWeb. What Might Happen If Farmers Were Paid to Use No-Till?

2018.11.6. Higgins, Adrian. The Washington Post. Growing the Future: High-tech Farmers Are Using LED Lights in Ways That Seem to Border on Science Fiction.

2018.11.4. Dokken, Brad. Grand Forks Herald. Prairie Stream Gets a Much-Needed Makeover.
2018.11.3. Spencer, Jim. Star Tribune. Farmers Brace for What's Next as Soybean Sales to China Tank.
2018.11.1. Charles, Dan. NPR News. The EPA Says Farmers Can Keep Using Weedkiller Blamed for Vast Crop Damage.
2018.11.1. Smithsonian's National Zoo & Conservation Biology Institute. Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute and American Prairie Reserve Collaborate to Restore America's Wild Prairie.

October 2018

2018.10.31. Kotecki, Peter. Business Insider. A Swiss Billionaire Is Donating $1 Billion in an Attempt to Save the Planet's Wild Lands and Waters from Destruction.

2018.10.31. Kahn, Brian. Earther. Bison Are Helping Rewild the Last of Midwest's Prairies.

2018.10.31. Cohen, Adam. Ecologists Have This Simple Request to Homeowners - Plant Native.

2018.10.30. Gunderson, Dan. MPR News. Nov. 1 Buffer Deadline Likely to Come and Go for Many Minn. Farmers.

2018.10.30. Dlouhy, Jennifer A. Bloomberg. As Prairies Get Plowed for Biofuels, Greens Demand EPA Act.

2018.10.29. Parks, Kevin. This Week Community News. Whetstone Park: Prairie 'Gem' in Line for Spruce-up.

2018.10.26. Sweetman, Jon, and Nate Williams. General Wetland Science. Distribution and Concentration of Neonicotinoid Insecticides on Waterfowl Production Areas in West Central Minnesota.

2018.10.25. Pocius, Victoria Marie, John M. Pleasants, Diane M. Debinski, Keith G. Bidne, Richard L. Hellmich, Steven P. Bradbury, and Sue L. Blodgett. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution. Monarch Butterflies Show Differential utilization of Nine Midwestern Milkweed Species.

2018.10.23. University of Minnesota. Predicting How Native Plants Return to Abandoned Farm Fields.

2018.10.23. Salina Journal. Public Invited to Help Restore Prairie at Indian Rock Park.

2018.10.22. Yield Quest. Successful Farming. No-Till Champions Test No-Till in Poorly Drained Soils.

2018.10.19. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Invasive Forage Grass Leads to Grassland Bird Decline.

2018.10.19. Associated Press. The Kansas City Star. St. Louis Restored Prairie in Bloom but Faces Threats.

2018.10.18. University of California - Berkeley. Working Lands Play a Key Role in Protecting Biodiversity.

2018.10.18. Kachur, Torah. CBC. Dandelion Seeds Can Fly Up to 100 km, and Now We Know How.

2018.10.16. Puckett, Karl. Great Falls Tribune. An 'AirBnB' for Hunters and Anglers to 'Trespass' on Private Land.

2018.10.15. Guarino, Ben. The Washington Post. Hyperalarming Study Shows Massive Insect Loss.

2018.10.13. Molseed, John. PostBulletin. Greenspace: A Whole New Way to Plant Native Prairie.

2018.10.12. SustainableWorld. YouTube. The Soil Solution to Climate Change Film.

2018.10.12. Beckhusen, Theresa. Forbes. Why This Farmer Wants to Go Beyond Organic.

2018.10.11. Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. DNR Seeks Applications for Advisory Committee on Natural Heritage.

2018.10.9. Kennedy, Tony. StarTribune. Habitat for Pheasants Keeps Shrinking.

2018.10.9. Baudron, Frederic. Study in Ethiopia Links Healthy Soils to More Nutritious Cereals.

2018.10.6. Evans, Andrew. Chicago Tribune. Feel the Pull of the Prairie on a Uniquely American Safari in Montana.

2018.10.4. Orenstein, Walker. MinnPost. Lawsuit Over Environmental Trust Fund May Have Implications for Legacy Amendment Money.

2018.10.2. Marohn, Kirsti. MPRNews. Report: Nitrate in Drinking Water a Costly Problem for Small, Rural Cities.

2018.10.2. Johnson, Nathanael. Grist. The Nitrogen Wars: Death by Fertilizer.

2018.10.1. Ganguli, Amy, Torre Hovick, Katherin Kral, Ryan Limb, and Kevin Sedivec. ScienceDirect. Seasonal Prescribed Fire Variation Decreases Inhibitory Ability of Poa pratensis L. and Promotes Native Plant Diversity.

2018.10.1. Fatka, Jacqui. Farm Futures. Farmers Slash Production Costs in Another Round of Belt-tightening.


September 2018

2018.9.28. Wooley, Jim. Pheasants Forever. Ragweed: The Irritating Miracle Plant.

2018.9.28. Dunbar, Elizabeth. MPRNews. Farmers in Southern Minnesota Test Soil Health With Buried Undies.

2018.9.25. Nickens, T. Edward. Audubon Magazine. How Prairie Birds Found an Unexpected Group of Heroes in Hunters.

2018.9.24. USDA Press. USDA Office of Communications. Secretary Perdue Statement on DOJ Filing in 9th Circuit Chlorpyrifos Ruling.

2018.9.24. Science Daily. Common Weed Killer Linked to Bee Deaths.

2018.9.24. Folk, Emily. The Ecologist. Becoming a Grazier 'Could Help Save Our Ecosystems'.

2018.9.24. Bishopp, Troy. On Pasture. What Makes Grass Grow Back Fastest – Trampling, Clipping or Cow Spit?

2018.9.21. Thompson, Leon. Lancaster Farming. Seeing Signs of Conservation.

2018.9.19. Ramanujan, Krishna. Cornell Chronicle. Study Reveals Best Use of Wildflowers to Benefit Crops on Farms.

2018.9.19. Moran, Matthew D., Zachary Nickell, Eric Plemmons, and Sofia Varriano. Ecosphere. Ecosystem Engineering by Bison (Bison bison) Wallowing Increases Arthropod Community Heterogeneity in Space and Time.

2018.9.19. Dunbar, Elizabeth. MPRNews. Minnesota Cities to Congress: Let Us Help the Bees.

2018.9.18. Pfankuch, Bart. Farm Forum. Should Buffer Strips Be Mandatory in South Dakota?

2018.9.17. Eschliman, Carley. All About Birds. 4 Billion Birds Will Fly Through American Airspace This Fall.

2018.9.15. Berenbaum, May. American Entomologist. Reality Bites.

2018.9.14. Meyers McClintick, Lisa. Star Tribune. Prairie Seed Collections Are Critical on Minnesota Parks' Fall To-Do Lists.

2018.9.13. Heppner, Kelvin. Real Agriculture. Restoring Eroded Knolls Has Huge Potential to Boost Yield.

2018.9.12. Frey, David. The Wildlife Society. JMW: CRP Criticial for Prairie Chickens - But Not By Itself.

2018.9.11. Pelton, Emma. The Xerces Society. Keep Monarchs Wild!: Why Captive Rearing Isn't the Way to Help Monarchs.

2018.9.10. Morning Ag Clips. Cheaper Crop Insurance for Cover Crop Users.

2018.9.9. Dokken, Brad. Grand Forks Herald. A Look at Endangered and Threatened Species in Minnesota, North Dakota.

2018.9.7. Givetash, Linda. NBC News. Bees Are Dying at an Alarming Rate: Amsterdam May Have the Answer.

2018.9.7. Bjerga, Alan, Cindy Hoffman, and David Ingold. Bloomberg. The Consolidation of the American Harvest.

2018.9.6. Gewin, Virginia. Ensia. Perennial Version of Conventional Crops Offer Benefits - But Are They Ready for Prime Time?

2018.9.5. Outdoor News Staff. Outdoor News. Reports: Sportsmen, Women Contribute Over $93 Billion to Economy.

2018.9.4. Peikes, Katie. Iowa Public Radio. Bison Bliss: Grazing Shapes Diverse Western Iowa Prairie.

2018.9.3. Schlecht, Jenny. Agweek. Tour Shows Policymakers the Importance of Grazing and Grasslands.

2018.9.1. Furtman, Michael. Minnesota Conservation Volunteer. Track That Duck: Banding and GPS Tagging Have Taught Us a Lot About Minnesota's Waterfowl.

2018.9.1. AP News Staff. AP News. Environmental, Corporate Prairie Partnership Going Strong.

2018.9.1. Alstad, Amy O., Ellen I. Damschen, and Laura M. Ladwig. Ecological Restoration. Fire as a Site Preparation Tool in Grassland Restoration: Seed Size Effects on Recruitment Success.


August 2018

2018.8.30. Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Gov. Dayton Proclaims Aug. 31 Public Lands Day in Minnesota.

2018.8.30. Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. ‘Starry Trek’ Volunteers Search 187 Minnesota Lakes; Find Starry Stonewort in 1.

2018.8.30. Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Construction Begins Soon on New Route for Hallaway Hill Overlook Trail, Maplewood State Park.

2018.8.30. Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. DNR Seeks Public Input on Potential Minnesota River Valley State Recreation Area.

2018.8.29. Helzer, Chris. The Prairie Ecologist. Admirable, Abundant, and Adaptable, But Not Aggressive.

2018.8.28. World Wildlife Fund. Plowprint Report.

2018.8.27. U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. First Ever Releases of Endangered Poweshiek Skipperling.

2018.8.27. Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. DNR releases supplemental environmental review for revised Fargo-Moorhead flood diversion project.

2018.8.26. Doran, Kevin. KSTP News. Where Are the Amphipods? Tiny Bugs Important to Wetland Health Are Disappearing in Minnesota.

2018.8.26. Aviv, Sari. CBS News. Reclaiming the American Prairie.

2018.8.25. Cherveny, Tom. West Central Tribune. A New Start for Chain of Shallow Lakes; Landowner Support Makes It Possible.

2018.8.24. Vance, Erik. National Geographic. This Man Spent 30 Years Solving a Rare Bird’s Murder Mystery.

2018.8.24. Belz, Adam. Star Tribune. Among Farmers, Support Rises for Expanding Federal Conservation Reserve Program.

2018.8.27. Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Grouse hunters can volunteer to help collect samples for West Nile virus study.

2018.8.27. Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. DNR announces fall 2018 land sale.

2018.8.23. McGlashen, Andrew. National Audubon Society. On Midwest Farms, ‘Prairie Strips’ Give Grassland Birds Something to Sing About.

2018.8.22. Du, Susan. City Pages. These Rookie Minnesota Farmers Are Picking a Fight With Big Ag.

2018.8.20. Schlecht, Jenny. Grand Forks Herald. Minnesota Ranch Looks to Regenerate Land Rather Than Sustain It.

2018.8.27. Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. DNR seeking input on Lake of the Woods and Rainy River regulation changes.

2018.8.20. Groves, Anna. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. There Are Many 'Ifs,' But the Discovery of Corn That Fertilizes Itself Could Transform Agriculture.

2018.8.16. Pfeiffer, Bryan. Medium. The Extinction of Meaning.

2018.8.15. Seitz, Greg. Science Museum of Minnesota. Three Ways Experts Think Minnesota Could Make Measurable Progress on Our Clean Water Conundrum.

2018.8.15. Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Wildfire Danger High in Northwestern Minnesota.

2018.8.15. Carlson, Emily. The Daily Journal. Outdoor News Awards Local Fishing and Game Club.

2018.8.14. Kocher, Sarah. Albert Lea Tribune. Get Low: Lower Levels in Freeborn Lake Continue, As Does Rehab.

2018.8.12. Ogden, Eloise. Minot Daily News. From the ND Prairie to Egypt.

2018.8.10. Romo, Vanessa. NPR News. Jury Awards Terminally Ill Man $289 Million in Lawsuit Against Monsanto.

2018.8.10. Davies, Steve. AgWeek. Court Orders EPA to Halt Use of Chlorpyrifos.

2018.8.8. College of Biological Scienes. University of Minnesota. Research Brief: No Defense for Some Plants in the Eat-or-Be-Eaten World of Grasslands.

2018.8.7. UM Today Staff. University of Manitoba. For Grassland Bird Conservation, It’s Not the Size That Matters.

2018.8.6. Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Research Project Continues on Nesting Success Factors for Ring-Necked Pheasant.

2018.8.6. Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Public Invited to Comment on Special Fishing Regulations.

2018.8.6. Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Floating Bogs Creating Problems? DNR Permit Is Required to Move One.

2018.8.6. Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. DNR Seeks Designs for Minnesota's 2019 Pheasant Stamp.

2018.8.6. Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. DNR Finalizes Lake Vermilion Management Plan.

2018.8.5. Krohn, Tim. Mankato Free Press. Retired Farmland Helps Protect St. James Wells.

2018.8.3. Audubon Minnesota. 240 Acres of Important Bird Habitat Now Permanently Protected in Northwest Minnesota.

2018.8.2. Timmons, Bob. StarTribune. DNR's Wildlife Champion Announces Retirement.

2018.8.2. Wirtz, Ronald. Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. Conservation Reserve Program Seeing Steep Decline.

2018.8. Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources. 2018 August Snapshots.


July 2018

2018.7.31. Wiggington, Carissa. Fargo Forum. Lush Land: Flowers, Grasses Flourish on Prairie Once Inundated by Red River Floods.

2018.7.31. Leatherby, Lauren and Dave Merrill. Bloomberg. Here's How America Uses Its Land.

2018.7.31. Drews, R.C. The Daily Journal. Dairy Property Purchase Becoming Likely Reality: Port Authority Pushes Forward with $175,000 Purchase Agreement.

2018.7.31. Bekter, Laura. Kare11. 2 Years After Planting, Elk River Prairie Shines.

2018.7.30. Scott, Anthony. Lakeland PBS. LCCMR Approves Four Million Dollars to a National Loon Center.

2018.7.26. News Staff. Detroit Lakes Online. Volunteers Needed for Citizen Science Event.

2018.7.24. Mervosh, Sarah. The New York Times. 1 Hen, 76 Ducklings: What's the Deal With This Picture?

2018.7.24. Davy Sandvold, Meghan. Lakeshore Weekly News. Starry Trek Volunteers to Hunt for Aquatic Invasive Species.

2018.7.23. WSF Staff. Wisconsin State Farmer. Using Prairie Filter Strips Next to Crops to Protect Wisconsin Water.

2018.7.23. Bloomquist, Lee. Business North. NRRI Proves Its Mettle.

2018.7.18. Robinson, Jager. Tri-State Neighbor. Pollinator Habitat Becomes More Crucial to Agriculture.

2018.7.18. Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources. MN Legislature. 2019 Environment and Natural Resource Trust Fund Recommendations.

2018.7.18. Beager, Laurel. International Falls Journal. Cattail Removal in VNP Begins.

2018.7.18. Adams, Sabin. Migratory Bird Joint Ventures. Restoration Becomes a Reality at Prairie Dunes.

2018.7.17. Dunbar, Elizabeth. MPR News. Can Minnesota Have Clean Water Without Regulating Fertilizer?

2018.7.13. Huffman, Sarah. Fergus Falls Journal. Westbys Create Conservation Legacy.

2018.7.13. Chin, Matthew. UCLA Newsroom. Researchers Discover Natural Product That Could Lead to New Class of Commercial Herbicide.

2018.7.12. Wapner, Jessica. Newsweek. Butterfly Effect: Monarchs Raised and Released by Prisoners Solves Mystery of Migration Patterns.

2018.7.10. Green, Penelope. StarTribune. The Faces and Places of Birding Are Slowly Changing.

2018.7.9. Gunderson, Dan. MPR News. Minnesota Sweetens the Pot to Shift Cropland into Conservation.

2018.7.9. Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Prairie Pod Podcast (multiple episodes, ongoing).

2018.7. Rodgers, Ryan. Minnesota Conservation Volunteer. Field Notes: Growing a Future for Orchids.

2018.7. Hoch, Greg. Minnesota Conservation Volunteer. A Bill for Water, Wildlife, and People.

2018.7. Goetzman, Keith. Minnesota Conservation Volunteer. From the Editor: Go Great Grasslands.

2018.7. Carpenter, Tom. Minnesota Conservation Volunteer. Treasures in the Grass: Go Birding Where the Grass Sways, the Horizon Sprawls, and These Five Prairie Songbirds Make Their Home.

June 2018

2018.6.30. Hansel, Brian. Perham Focus. Signs Up to Protect Minnesota's State Flower.

2018.6.29. Roy, Charlotte. Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. 2018 Minnesota Prairie-Chicken Population Survey.

2018.6.28. Staff Reports. AgriNews. Ditch Protection is a Milestone.

2018.6.27. Klein, JoAnna. The New York Times. Bumblebees Thrive in the City but Struggle on the Farm.

2018.6.26. Larsen, Martin. YouTube. Comparing No Till and Conventional Tillage Systems.

2018.6.20. MacDonald, Amanda. University of Guelph. Neonics Are Being Ingested by Free-Ranging Animals, U of G Study Finds.

2018.6.19. Helzer, Chris. The Prairie Ecologist. A Closer Look at Prairie Roots.

2018.6.19. Feldkamp, Lisa. Cool Green Science. Could Prairie Chickens Come Booming Back?

2018.6.18. Portfield, Andrew. Entymology Today. More Research Needed to Better Balance Honey Bees and Native Bees.

2018.6.18. Kilen, Mike. Des Moines Register. Bachelor Farmer Brothers Leave Behind a Surprising Gift That's Now Blooming in Iowa.

2018.6.14. MPR News Staff. MPRNews. Hey Minnesota, Come Meet the Blue Mounds Bison Herd.

2018.6.13. Doran, Kevin. KSTP News. Research Project Brings Bison Back to Central Minnesota Prairie.

2018.6.11. USDA NRCS South Dakota. YouTube. Our Amazing Grasslands ~ Hamann Ranch.

2018.6.10. Dokken, Brad. Forum Communications. Creek Restoration Shows Success of Minnesota Clean Water Fund.

2018.6.8. Olseth, Cheryl. StarTribune. The Farm Bill and the Importance of the American Prairie.

2018.6.1. Greshko, Michael. National Geographic. Around the World, Farmland Birds Are in Steep Decline.

2018.6. Solberg, Kent. Sustainable Farming Association. Solberg on Soil: Intense Discussion on Regenerative Ag & Much More.

2018.6. MN BWSR. 2018 June Snapshots.

2018.6. Beck, Claire. Midwest Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies. Mid-America Monarch Conservation Strategy.


May 2018

2018.5.31. Environmental Defense Fund. Hundreds of Golf Courses Tee Up to Help Monarch Butterflies.

2018.5.25. Rude Klett, Jennifer. Journal Sentinel. Micro Prairies: No Yard Is Too Small to Go With Earth-Friendly Native Plants.

2018.5.23. Helzer, Chris. The Prairie Ecologist. Making Species Identification Accessible to the Masses.

2018.5.22. Burger, Ludwig and Tom Polansek. Reuters. Robots Fight Weeds in Challenge to Agrochemical Giants.

2018.5.17. Koeze, Ella. FiveThirtyEight. The Midwest Is Getting Drenched, And It’s Causing Big Problems.

2018.5.11. Lawton, Kurt. Corn + Soybean Digest. Wait, There's Profit in Conservation Practices?

2018.5.11. Coolican, J. Patrick and Jessie Van Berkel. Star Tribune. Republicans at the Legislature Suggest Tapping Lottery Trust Fund for [...].

2018.5.10. Murray, Maegan. Washington State University. WSU Tri-Cities Team Researching Use of Fungi to Restore Native Plant Populations.

2018.5.9. Buntjer, Julie. Agweek. Grazing Wetlands: Cattle Producers Partner with U.S. Fish & Wildlife to Bolster Federal Lands.

2018.5.8. Gewin, Virginia. Civil Eats. Farm Runoff in U.S. Waters Has Hit Crisis Levels. Are Farmers Ready to Change?

2018.5.7. Bruxvoort, Ash. Civil Eats. I am the Daughter of a Conventional Farmer—and a Sustainable Ag Advocate.

2018.5.5. Driscoll, Emily. Bismarck Tribune. More Pollinator Projects Find Roots in Fargo-Moorhead.

2018.5.3. Erdahl, Kent. KARE11. Minnesota Requests BP Oil Spill Money to Help Loons Recover.


April 2018

2018.4.30. Kleppel, Gary. On Pasture. Diversity in Pasture Plants Has Big Effects on Herd and Flock Health.

2018.4.26. Weiss, John. Post Bulletin. New Machines Plumb Depths of Whitewater River.

2018.4.25. Abrams, Amanda. Indy Week. Urban Agriculture Could Potentially Produce a Tenth of the World's Food. Is Grass Really [...].

2018.4.24. McGrath, Maggie. Forbes. Inside An Epic Experiment: Where The Buffalo Roam, Texas Agriculture Thrives.

2018.4.20. University of Minnesota. Science Daily. Grassland Plants React Unexpectedly to High Levels of Carbon Dioxide.

2018.4.18. Helzer, Chris. The Prairie Ecologist. Known Unknowns.

2018.4.18. Velasquez-Manoff, Moises. New York Times Magazine. Can Dirt Save the Earth?

2018.4.16. Voth, Kathy. On Pasture. Let’s Waste Grass With Jim Gerrish – Part 2.

2018.4.16. MN DNR. DNR Crews See Productive Winter of Prairie Habitat Restoration.

2018.4.16. Marohn, Kirsti. MPRNews. Carrot vs. Stick: How Should Minnesota Get to Cleaner Water?

2018.4.14. Seahra, Shannon et al. Restoration Ecology. Seeding Tallgrass Prairie in Monospecific Patches Promotes [...]

2018.4.12. Fears, Robert. Beef Magazine. What's the Big Deal About Soil? Everything.

2018.4.11. Miller, Kerri and Manda Lillie. MPRNews. Decline in Hunters is Bad News for Conservation.

2018.4.10. Hutchison, Bill et. al. Minnesota Crop News. New App for MN Farmers, Consultants: Midwest Stink Bug Assistant.

2018.4.10. Brainerd Dispatch. RREAL, Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe Win Award for Clean Energy Efforts.

2018.4.9. Charles, Dan. NPR. A Grass-Roots Movement For Healthy Soil Spreads Among Farmers.

2018.4.6. Quenneville, Guy. CBC. Farmers Sue Water Security Agency, Claiming it Did Nothing to Stop Illegal Drainage.

2018.4.6. Ladd, Jenna. Iowa Environmental Focus. Warmer Temperatures Make Milkweed Toxic for Monarchs.

2018.4.3. USDA NRCS South Dakota. Our Amazing Grasslands - Grim Ranch.

2018.4.2. Marohn, Kirsti. MPRNews. Ground Level: Is Minnesota on the Right Track for Clean Water?

2018.4.2. Lessard-Sams Outdoor Heritage Council. MN Legislature. FY 2020 LSOHC Call for Funding Request.

2018.4. Johnson, Alissa. Quetico Superior Wilderness News. Uncovering the Secret Lives of Wolves.


March 2018

2018.3.31. Anderson, Dennis. Star Tribune. Stance on Farm Tiling Issue in Minnesota Generated Strong Response.

2018.3.30. Science Friday. Beyond The Hive: The Wonderful World Of Native Bees.

2018.3.28. Winnicki, Sarah. Science Snapshots. Greedy Plants: Water Use and Nighttime Transpiration in the Tallgrass Prairie.

2018.3.28. Gurian-Sherman, Doug. Civil Eats. New Science Shows Bee-Killing Pesticides Are Unnecessary on Most Farms.

2018.3.27. Oates, Bryce. Civil Eats. Conservation Funding Expected to Lag Behind When Farmers Need it Most.

2018.3.25. Dokken, Brad. Grand Forks Herald. Elk Survey a Mixed Bag for Northwest Minnesota Herds.

2018.3.25. Anderson, Dennis. Star Tribune. Unregulated Farm Tiling Puts State's Waters at Risk.

2018.3.21. Showalter, John. High Plains Reader. Getting Back in Touch with Nature in Fargo-Moorhead.

2018.3.20. Rott, Nathan. NPR News. Decline In Hunters Threatens How U.S. Pays For Conservation.

2018.3.20. McGlashen, Andy. Ensia. A U.S. Farm Bill Even a Butterfly Could Love?

2018.3.13. Sohn, Emily. bioGraphic. A Grand Experiment on the Grasslands.

2018.3.12. Kennedy, Tony. Star Tribune. Conservation Groups Make point: Sometimes Trees Have to Go.

2018.3.12. Helzer, Chris. The Prairie Ecologist. Properly Portraying the Power of Prescribed Fire.

2018.3.8. McCormick, Tori. Star Tribune. Where Spring Migration Rules: Head to Salt Lake in Lac qui Parle County.

2018.3.9. Davis, Don. AgWeek. Ditch Mowing Legislation Delayed Another Year, Debate Rages On.

2018.3.6. Pates, Mikkel. Agweek. Offutt's Former SD Farm Goes All-Organic for General Mills.

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February 2018

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January 2018

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