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Select Farm & Prairie News from 2017 . . . .

December 2017

2017.12.29. Cherveny, Tom. Agweek. Minnesota County Takes on Public Lands Debate Over Farm Sale.

2017.12.29. Carrington, Damian. The Guardian. Alarming Link Between Fungicides and Bee Declines Revealed.

2017.12.27. Lendt, Keith et. al. The Journal. Thank Commissioners for Doing the Right Thing.

2017.12.27. Betts, Lynn. Dakota Farmer. No-till is No. 1 in South Dakota for Good Reason — Yield.

2017.12.26. Mercer, Morgan. Growler Mag. Craft Culture: Farmers of the Future at Urban Organics.

2017.12.17. Painter, Kristen Leigh. Star Tribune. Changing Consumers Ignite Food Revolution.

2017.12.13. Hagen, Luke. Agweek. Local Pheasants Forever Chapter Allots $150K for Community-Based Habitat Access Program.

2017.12.12. Minnesota Farm Guide. MDA Announces New Restrictions on Use of Dicamba Herbicide.

2017.12.11. Williamson, Wes. Miami Herald. Cattle Ranches Keep Development from Wiping Out Florida's Beautiful 'Wild Places'.

2017.12.6. Eisenthal, Jonathan. Minnesota Corn Growers Association. New Tillage Guide Says Less is More.

2017.12.6. Cole, Amy Skoczlas and Cody Nelson. MPRNews. Road Salt is Polluting Our Water. Here's How We Can Fix It.

2017.12.1. Myers, John. Duluth News Tribune. Northland Sits in Bull's-Eye of Warming Winters.

2017.12. Petersen, Jessica. Little Lunch on the Prairie. Little Lunch on the Prairie Webinars.

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November 2017

2017.11.21. Helzer, Chris. The Prairie Ecologist. Open Gate Rotational Grazing.

2017.11.17. Marcotty, Josephine. Star Tribune. Plowing Minnesota's Prairie is Increasing Carbon in the Atmosphere.

2017.11.16. The Daily Journal. New Prairie Restoration Guides Available to Minnesota Landowners and Managers.

2017.11.16. Robinson, Rick. Iowa Farm Bureau. New Iowa Incentive for Cover Crops, Water Quality Offered Through Crop Insurance.

2017.11.16. Flesher, John & Angeliki Katanis. Associated Press. Toxic Algae: Once a Nuisance, Now a Severe Nationwide Threat.

2017.11.9. University of Saskatchewan. U of S Research Reveals Controversial Insecticides are Toxic to Songbirds.

2017.11.9. Potter, Ben. Farm Futures. Record U.S. Corn Yield Casts Bearish Spell on Markets.

2017.11.7. Helzer, Chris. The Prairie Ecologist. Prairies as Placeholders.

2017.11.6. Hancock, Dennis. On Pasture. Is Mob Grazing as Effective as We Thought?

2017.11.2. Bjerga, Alan & Cindy Hoffman. Bloomberg. Finding Fault With the Farm Bill.

2017.11. Audubon Minnesota & University of Minnesota. Minnesota Breeding Bird Atlas.

2017.11. Bayfield County Forestry & Parks. Barrens Management on the Bayfield County Forest in Northwest Wisconsin.

October 2017

2017.10.31. Betts, Lynn. Corn + Soybean Digest. The Truth About Tillage.

2017.10.30. Gullickson, Gil. Successful Farming. Palmer Amaranth Found in Fourth Minnesota County.

2017.10.24. Drewnoski, Mary. UNL Cropwatch. Studies Show Minimal Soil Compaction With Winter Grazing.

2017.10.23. Bunge, Jacob. The Wall Street Journal. Supersized Family Farms Are Gobbling Up American Agriculture.

2017.10.23. Albert, Joe. Outdoor News. A Hot-Button Issue During The 2017 Legislative Session, Ditch-Mowing Discussions. . .

2017.10.22. Tonietto, Rebecca K. & Daniel J. Larkin. Journal of Applied Ecology. Habitat Restoration Benefits Wild Bees: A Meta-Analysis.

2017.10.21. Godard, Aaron. InForum. AgweekTV: Soil Your Undies.

2017.10.20. Bernstien, Jaela. CBC News. How a Quebec Company Used a Weed to Create a One-of-a-Kind Winter Coat.

2017.10.18. Yong, Ed. The Atlantic. Flowers Have Secret Blue Halos That Bumblebees Can See.

2017.10.18. Guarino, Ben. The Washington Post. 'This is Very Alarming!': Flying Insects Vanish from Nature Preserves.

2017.10.17. Sustainable Pulse. New Groundbreaking Research Shows Glyphosate Persists in Soil.

2017.10.16. Steil, Mark. MPRNews. EPA OKs New Curbs on Controversial Weed Killer.

2017.10.9. Outdoor News. USDA Temporarily Suspends New Offers for CRP Enrollment.

2017.10. Land Trust Alliance & USFWS. Investing in Nature: The Economic Benefits of Protecting Our Lands and Waters.

September 2017

2017.9.28. Cornell University. War on Weeds Takes Toll on Beneficial Bacteria in Soil.

2017.9.27. Albert, Joe. The Growler. Field and Revenue Stream: How Hunting Contributes to Wildlife Conservation.

2017.9.25. Voth, Kathy. On Pasture. Biodiversity Makes Us Stronger and More Resilient.

2017.9.22. The Des Moines Register. How Pheasant Hunting can Save Rural Iowa, Farming and the Environment.

2017.9.22. Charles, Dan. NPR. Arkansas Defies Monsanto, Moves To Ban Rogue Weedkiller.

2017.9.22. Ahlering, Marissa. Cool Green Science. Rare Butterflies Return Home.

2017.9.20. Gunderson, Dan. MPRNews. Concern Grows Over Effects of Treated Seeds on Birds.

2017.9.17. Star Tribune. Hautman Again for the Win: Minnesotans Continue Federal Duck Stamp Dominance.

2017.9.15. Cambridge University Press. Researchers Find Cereal Rye is Effective at Reducing Amaranthus. . .

2017.9.13. Hopkinson, Jenny. Politico. Can American Soil be Brought Back to Life?

2017.9.11. MN DNR. Sharp-Tailed Grouse and Prairie Chicken Hunters Can Send Samples.

2017.9.8. Orrick, Dave. Pioneer Press. Habitat Destruction Trumps Warm Weather: Minnesota Pheasant Index Down 26 Percent.

2017.9.7. Wheeler, Justin. Xerces Society. Harvesting Milkweed Seed: a Pod and a Plan.

2017.9.7. Marcotty, Josephine. Star Tribune. Judge Orders Halt to $2.1 Billion Red River Flood Project.

2017.9.1. Kayser, Zach. Brainerd Dispatch. Pay More Farmers Not to Farm Their Land?

2017.9. Radiolab. Goo and You.

August 2017

2017.8.30. Chase, Spencer. AgriPulse. House Ag Listening Session Heavy on Conservation, Risk Management Talk.

2017.8.28. Voth, Kathy. On Pasture. Cattle Can be Good Brush Managers.

2017.8.22. Blair, Jennifer. Alberta Farmer. There Are (Giga) Tonnes of Benefits From Properly Grazed Grasslands.

2017.8.18. Dunbar, Elizabeth. MPRNews. A New Generation of Farmers Faces Mounting Challenges.

2017.8.17. The Applied Ecologist's Blog. Variation in Soil Microbial Communities Leads to Variation in Plant Communities.

2017.8.16. Xerces Society. Bringing Back Native Thistles.

2017.8.14. Gunderson, Dan. MPRNews. In NW Minn., Keeping Duck Hunting Alive One Summer Camper at a Time.

2017.8.10. Wilsey, Brian. New Study Tracks Nonnative Plant Species in Timing of Grassland Green-Up.

2017.8.10. Rodewald, Amanda D. The Hill. Farm Bill Pays High Dividends for People and the Environment.

2017.8.10. MN DNR. Grasslands Conservation at Center Stage for Game Fair.

2017.8.10. Betts, Lynn. Corn + Soybean Digest. Cull Unprofitable Land.

2017.8.8. Myers, John. Duluth News Tribune. St. Louis County Passes Bee-Friendly Policy.

2017.8.7. Voth, Kathy. On Pasture. Saving a Chicken Saves Cattle and Ranchers.

2017.8.7. Harford, Tim. BBC.  'The Devil's Rope': How Barbed Wire Changed America.

2017.8.4. MDA. MDA Encourages Farmers to Take Survey on Alleged Dicamba Damage.

2017.8.4. Borelli, Christopher. Chicago Tribune. In Pioneer Cemeteries, A Disappearing Part of Illinois' Landscape Lives On.

2017.8.1. Rochester Daily Bulletin. Governor Dayton Starts Water Quality Town Halls in Rochester.

2017.8. ISUCALS. Vimeo. Field Tile Investigation.


July 2017

2017.7.31. LSOHC. Minnesota's Outdoor Heritage Fund: A Process to Define Outcomes and Impacts.

2017.7.27. Wallenstein, Matthew. The Conversation. To Restore Our Soils, Feed the Microbes.

2017.7.17. Gilker, Rachel. On Pasture. Soil Health – We All Love It, But What Is It Worth?

2017.7.15. Smetanka, Mary Jane. Star Tribune. Queen of Forgotten Bees: Minnetonka Woman is on a Mission to Save Native Species.

2017.7.10. Knutson, Jonathan. InForum. Diversity on the Prairie.

2017.7.10. Brown, Kristen V. Gizmodo. America’s First Free-Roaming Genetically Engineered Insects Are Coming to New York.

2017.7.1. MN BWSR. Ecology Update.

2017.7.1. Monarch Joint Venture. Risks of Neonicotinoid Use to Pollinators.


June 2017

2017.6.29. Bjorhus, Jennifer. Star Tribune. With Help From Minnesota Researchers, Imperiled Prairie Butterfly Takes New Flight.

2017.6.29. Steil, Mark. MPRNews. This Homely, Endangered Butterfly is a Beautiful Sight to a Breeder.

2017.6.23. Blodgett, Bonnie. Star Tribune. Conventionally Farmed Land is Literally Dirt Poor. . .

2017.6.23. Charles, Dan. NPR. Arkansas Tries To Stop An Epidemic Of Herbicide Damage.

2017.6.23. Foltz Jordan, Sarah. Xerces Society. Small Farms, Big Impact: Pollinator Habitat in the Midwest.

2017.6.21. Maixner, Ed. Agri Pulse. Drought Gripping Much of the Northern Plains.

2017.6.20. Sievert, Kaley. The Daily Journal. Reviving Wilderness: M State Plants Natural Prairie on 45 Acres of Land.

2017.6.16. Bogard, Paul. The New York Times. Beyond Blades of Grass.

2017.6.16. Mooney, Chris. The Washington Post. Wildfires Used to Be Rare in the Great Plains. They've More Than Tripled in 30 Years.

2017.6.15. Flinn, Kathryn M. The Conversation. Silent Partners: Are Earthworms Creating Pathways for Invasive Plants?

2017.6.12. Şekercioğlu, Çağan H. The Cornell Lab. Analysis: The Economic Value of Birds.

2017.6.10. Driftless Prairies. Rotational Grazing.

2017.6.09. Brown, Nick. The Daily JournalBirding Big Business at North Ottawa Impoundment.

2017.6.08. Clark, Melissa A. Monarch Joint Venture. Correctional Facilities Join the Fight to Save the Monarch Butterfly.

2017.6.07. Charles, Dan. NPR. U.S. Pays Farmers Billions To Save The Soil. But It's Blowing Away.

2017.6.07. Minnesota Environmental Quality Board. 2017 State Agency Pollinator Report.

2017.6.01. University of Wisconsin-Madison. Morning Ag Clips. Lack of Date Makes Conservation Difficult.


May 2017

2017.5.26. Steinberg, Ted and Shannon Wright. The Nib. Hate Mowing Your Lawn? Good! Don't Do It.

2017.5.23. Marohn, Kirsti. MPRNews. Program Rewarding Farmers Who Protect Water Quality Small, But Growing.

2017.5.21. Hill, Jacob. Iowa State University. Does Diversity Tell the Whole Story?

2017.5.20. Anderson, Dennis. Star Tribune. Political Assault on State's Natural Resources Demands a United Response.

2017.5.17. John, Julia. The Wildlife Society. Migrating Birds Are Getting More Out of Sync With the Environment.

2017.5.12. Stahl, Lizabeth. University of Minnesota Extension. Disposing of Leftover Treated Seed.

2017.5.09. Abbott, Chuck. Successful Farming. Will CRP Acres Increase In The 2018 Farm Bill?

2017.5.03. D'Costa, Krystal. Scientific American. The American Obsession With Lawns.

2017.5.02. Grossman, Elizabeth. Civil Eats. Want Healthier Soil? Link it to Crop Insurance.


April 2017

2017.4.30. Worrall, Simon. National Geographic. Why You Need More Dirt in Your Life?

2017.4.29. Associated Press. U.S. News. Nebraska to Grow 125M Milkweed Stems to Save Butterflies.

2017.4.27. News Release. USGS. Billions More Milkweeds Needed to Restore Monarchs.

2017.4.27. Nickel, Raylene. Successful Farming. Wheat Helps a No-Till Rotation.

2017.4.26. Helzer, Chris. The Prairie Ecologist. How Small is Too Small?

2017.4.26. Unger, David J. Undark. Saving America’s Broken Prairie.

2017.4.24. Miller, Elizabeth. NPR. Hacking Lake Erie: Tech Competition Seeks Solutions To Water-Related Problems.

2017.4.24. Padgett, Holly. The Wildlife Society. The Future For Many Species is All About Connections.

2017.4.23. Cherveny, Tom. The Bismarck Tribune. Smoke In the Air . . .

2017.4.22. Times Editorial Board. SC Times. Despite Constitution, Legislators Attack Environment.

2017.4.18. Helzer, Chris. The Prairie Ecologist. Not Yet, Monarchs, Not Yet!

2017.4.18. Stecker, Tiffany. Bloomberg BNA. Genetically-Engineered Moths Spark Debate Over Biotech Bugs.

2017.4.17. Dunbar, Elizabeth. MPRNews. The 1997 Red River Flood: What Happened?

2017.4.17. Tran, Tu-Uyen. Fargo Forum. F-M Diversion Breaks Ground Amid Protest.

2017.4.15. Fecht, Sarah. Popular Science. You Really Can Help Save Bees By Planting Wildflowers.

2017.4.15. Karnowski, Steve. Pioneer Press. Wisconsin Turns to Minnesota for New Blood to Restore Sharp-Tailed Grouse.

2017.4.14. Montgomery, David R. The Conversation. Make Our Soil Great Again.

2017.4.13. Wallevand, Kevin. WDAY. Minnesota's Spring Chickens Were Once Common, Now Rare.

2017.4.11. Weidensaul, Scott. The Cornell Lab of Ornithology. The New Migration Science.

2017.4.10. Voth, Kathy. On Pasture. What Do Cows Eat, and Why?

2017.4.07. Meersman, Tom. Star Tribune. State Tracks Down Source of Weed Harmful to Crops.

2017.4.06. Carrington, Damian. The Guardian. Farms Could Slash Pesticide Use Without Losses, Research Reveals.

2017.4.05. Guarino, Ben. The Washington Post. First Evidence Found of Popular Farm Pesticides in Drinking Water.

2017.4.05. Hungate, Bruce A., et. al. Science Advances. The Economic Value of Grassland Species for Carbon Storage.

2017.4.04. News Release. Concordia College. Research for the Birds.

2017.4.03. Fox, Douglas. High Country News. Inside the Firestorm.

2017.4.03. Montgomery, David R. The Conversation. Healthy Soil is the Real Key to Feeding the World.

2017. Outdoor Industry Association. The Outdoor Recreation Economy.


March 2017

2017.3.30. Weber, Tom. MPRNews. About 100 Elk Live in MN, Should There Be More?

2017.3.29. Williams, Ted. Cool Green Science. Recovery: Prairie Reprise.

2017.3.28. Barak, Rebecca. The Applied Ecologist's Blog. Finding Missing Branches: Phylogenetic Patterns of Plant Community Diversity . . .

2017.3.20. Runquist, Erik and George E. Heimpel. University of Minnesota. Potential Causes of Declines in Minnesota’s Prairie Butterflies . . .

2017.3.23. News Release. MN DNR. Bat Disease White-Nose Syndrome Now Confirmed in 6 Minnesota Counties.

2017.3.22. Greshko, Michael. National Geographic. First U.S. Bumblebee Officially Listed as Endangered.

2017.3.22. Matsumoto, Nancy. NPR. Why More Farmers Are Making The Switch To Grass-Fed Meat And Dairy?

2017.3.17. Skwarecki, Beth. Lifehacker. Don't Plant Those "Bee-Friendly" Wildflowers Cheerios Is Giving Away.

2017.3.16. Charles, Dan. NPR. How To Make Farmers Love Cover Crops? Pay Them.

2017.3.14. Knapton, Sarah. The Telegraph. Bumblebees Make Flowers Grow Bigger and Smell Sweeter.

2017.3.13. Lawton, Kurt. Montana Outdoors. Economics of Soil Loss.

2017.3.13. Myers, Victoria G. The Progressive Farmer. Adaptive Grazing.

2017.3.01. Henderson, Carrol. MN Conservation Volunteer. Visions of Swans.

2017.3.01. Goetzman, Keith. MN Conservation Volunteer. The Waters Downhill.

2017.3.01. Dickson, Tom. Corn + Soybean Digest. What about the Others?

2017. Royte, Elizabeth. Audubon. The Same Pesticides Linked to Bee Declines Might Also Threaten Birds.

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