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December 2019

2019.12.27. Klemek, BlaneDL-Online. Prairie Chickens Survive and 'Boom' in Minnesota.

2019.12.26. Krall, KenWXPR. Pollinating a Rare Plant Species by Hand Pays Off.

2019.12.24. Brown, RozKELO. Aiming to Keep South Dakota's Wildlife Off Endangered List.

2019.12.23. Maki, GlendaCrystal Lake-Cary Patch. TLC Preserves 83 Acres of Wetland, Sedge Meadow and Wet Prairie.

2019.12.22. Schneider, RuthRedwood Times. Humboldt County Supervisors Lay Out Renewable Energy Goals.

2019.12.22. de Boer, KarenCool Green Science. A New Life for Old Bird Data.

2019.12.21. Swanson, LorraineOak Lawn Patch. Controlled Burns Set for Wolfe Wildlife, Chicago Ridge Prairie.

2019.12.19. Iowa Department of Natural ResourcesThe Oskaloosa Herald. Private Lands Efforts Are Reestablishing Habitat.

2019.12.19. Helzer, ChrisThe Prairie Ecologist. Why Telling Prairie Stories Matters.

2019.12.19. Hage, JeffMonticello Times. School Land to Be Restored to Prairie State.

2019.12.19. Cortese, DarioMedium. Mycorrhizal Fungi: All You Need to Know About the Internet of Plants.

2019.12.19. Barkham, PatrickThe Guardian. Lawn-Mowing Reduction Can Help Wildlife, Says Study.

2019.12.18. Kennedy, TonyStar Tribune. Four-Year Plans to Increase Habitat for Ducks and Pheasants Released.

2019.12.16. Manos, JaridVegWorld Magazine. Patagonia to Double All Donations for Great Plains Restoration Council Through Dec. 31, 2019.

2019.12.16. Belz, AdamStar Tribune. As Flooding and Erosion Rise, More Farmers Buck Tradition and Plant Cover Crops.

2019.12.15. Okon, BobThe Joliet Herald-News. Prescribed Burns in December Are Part of Midewin Restoration.

2019.12.15. CNN WireFox 59. 100-Year-Old Golf Course Turned Into Naturalized Prairie.

2019.12.13. Special to the News. The Hutchinson News. PHMS Students Plant Native Prairie for Pollinators.

2019.12.13. Clark, Gary. Houston Chronicle. Sparrows Flock to Texas' Attwater Prairie Chicken National Wildlife Refuge.

2019.12.13. Benzschawel, Celeste. Peninsula Pulse. Research Station Aims to Pull in Pollinators.

2019.12.12. Endres, Susan. Baraboo News Republic. Sauk Prairie, Mud Lake State Lands Get Extra Pheasants for Holiday Hunting Opportunities.

2019.12.12. Ducey, Marjie. Omaha World-Herald. It's Not Too Early to Think About What You're Planting in Your Garden Next Year.

2019.12.12. Bylander, C.B. Star Tribune. First Light Has a Special Electricity for Photographers, Wildlife-Watchers and Others.

2019.12.11. Science Daily. Trashed Farmland Could Be a Conservation Treasure.

2019.12.9. Bottemiller Evich, HelenaPolitico. How a Closed-Door Meeting Shows Farmers Are Waking Up on Climate Change.

2019.12.8. Hegyi, NateNPR. Big Money Is Building a New Kind of National Park in the Great Plains.

2019.12.5. Simanonok, Michael P. and Laura A. BurkleOecologia. High-Severity Wildfire Limits Available Floral Pollen Quality and Bumble Bee Nutriction Compared to Mixed-Severity Burns.

2019.12.5. Nuelle, Ben. Agri-Pulse. USDA Kicking Off First CRP General Signup in Four Years.

2019.12.4. Nicholson, Charlie C., Kimiora L. Ward, et alEcology Letters. Mismatched Outcomes for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services: Testing the Responses of Crop Pollinators and Wild Bee Biodiversity to Habitat Enhancement.

2019.12.4. Johnson, Marie TDetroit Lakes Tribune. Vanishing Birds Have Local Conservationists Talking About Solutions.

2019.12.3. Sun Sailor. Deer Management in Eden Prairie Under Way.

2019.12.2. Peach, Daniel A.HThe Conversation. The Bizarre and Ecologically Important Hidden Lives of Mosquitoes.

2019.12.2. CBS News. Nature Up Close: Whooping Cranes Are Finally Making a Comeback.

2019.12.1. Freedman, Eric. The Sault News. For One Butterfly, Michigan May Be Its Last, Best Hope.


November 2019

2019.11.29. Kart, JeffForbes. Peer Pressure Linked to Fertilizers and Pesticides on Lawns; Could Wildflowers Follow?

2019.11.27. Marohn, Kirsti and Daniel AckermanMPR News. Painstaking Efforts to Restore Minnesota's Freshwater Mussels Paying Off.

2019.11.26. Mize, JeffreyThe Columbian. Feds Propose Delisting Long-Endangered Wildflower.

2019.11.26. Hays, BrooksUPI. Restored Prairie Rescues Famished Bees Living on the Farm.

2019.11.26. Ackerman, DanielMPR News. The Unnatural History of Minnesota's Freshwater Mussels.

2019.11.25. Marohn, KirstiMPR News. Minnesota's Native Mussels: Still in Peril, but Signs of Hope.

2019.11.25. Leigh Painter, KristenStar Tribune. Food Startup Blue Nest Offers Beef From Cattle That Fix Climate-Change Problems.

2019.11.24. Covering Katy News. 150 Volunteers to Plant Nearly 650 Native Plants on Katy Prairie.

2019.11.23. Loyola, MarioThe Atlantic. Stop the Ethanol Madness.

2019.11.21. Esri and U.S. Department of AgricultureArcGIS. Farming for the Future: How Science, Data, and Location Intelligence Support Sustainable U.S. Agriculture.

2019.11.20. Matthews, Darronté. CIProud. Wildlife Prairie Partners With Veterinary Students to Help With Animal Vaccines.

2019.11.18. Yong, EdThe Atlantic. What America Lost When It Lost the Bison.

2019.11.18. Bennett, ChrisFarm Journal's AgPro. Gone With the Wind: How to Lose a Lifetime of Soil Health.

2019.11.18. Science Daily. A Century Later, Plan Biodiversity Struggle in Wake of Agricultural Abandonment.

2019.11.16. Kraus, AlanFaribault Daily News. Perennial Grain Crop – Kernza – Connects Local Farms and Brewers.

2019.11.13. Marohn, KirstiMPR News. St. Croix River, 580 Other Waterways Added to State's List of Troubled Waters.

2019.11.13. Helzer, ChrisThe Prairie Ecologist. What Does Habitat Look Like on a Ranch?

2019.11.7. Krzmarzick, RandyThe New Ulm Journal. Weeds: Find a Way to Keep the Birds.

2019.11.6. Jones, JeremyHutchinson Leader. A Symbiotic Success Story.

2019.11.5. Orrick, DaveTwin Cities Pioneer Press. Are Pesticides Poisoning Minnesota's Deer? Hunters Will Offer Up Deer Spleens as Part of Study.

2019.11.1. Brandenburg, JimMinnesota Conservation Volunteer. Into the Great Wide Open.

2019.11.1. Benage, Megan MMinnesota Conservation Volunteer. In It for the Wonder: A DNR Ecologist Meditates on Her Love of the Prairie.

2019.11. Gasch, Caley, and Jodi DeJong-HughesNDSU Extension. Soil Organic Matter Does Matter.


October 2019

2019.10.30. Brasher, PhilipAgri-Pulse. Historic Conservation Reserve Program Signup in Sight Amid Lagging Farm Economy.

2019.10.29. Pates, MikkelDuluth News Tribune. Second Year of Wet Harvest Takes Tiling Plans Off Back Burner.

2019.10.27. Monahan, KatherineToronto Star. City of Toronto Program Helps Homeowners Create Pollinator Gardens.

2019.10.21. Voth, KathyOn Pasture. New Discovery on the Mechanics of Keeping Carbon in the Soil and What It Means for Your Pastures.

2019.10.15. Beacom, NathanCivil Eats. Planting Native Prairie Could Be a Secret Weapon for Farmers.

2019.10.14. Williams, TedSlate. Roundup Hysteria.

2019.10.13. Stanley, GregStar Tribune. Where Are All the Pheasants? Habitat Loss Is Tied to More Farming.

2019.10.12. Cherveny, TomWest Central Tribune. Passion for the Prairie.

2019.10.12. Bittman, MarkPBS. Can Sustainable Farming Save Iowa's Precious Soil and Water?

2019.10.7. Iowa Farmers Today. Iowa Scientists Study How Prairie Strips Affect Soil Health.

2019.10.4. Rosenberg, Kenneth V., Adriaan M. Dokter, Peter J. Blancher, et alScience. Decline of the North American Avifauna.

2019.10.3. Schrage, Analysis IDs Ag Practices to Fight Flood, Drought.

2019.10.2. Zimmer, CarlThe New York Times. These Butterflies Evolved to Eat Poison. How Could That Have Happened?

2019.10.1. Gass, HenryChristian Science Monitor. Houston's Pocket Prairies: Natural Solutions to Unnatural Flooding.


September 2019

2019.9.30. King, GraceThe Gazette. Landowners Challenged to 'Save the World' by Planting Native Prairies.

2019.9.30. Helzer, ChrisThe Prairie Ecologist. Flies, Flies, and More Flies.

2019.9.27. The Nature of Things with David Suzuki. CBC-TV. Grasslands: A Hidden Wilderness.

2019.9.27. Damschen, Ellen I., Lars A. Brudvig, Melissa A. Burt, et al. Science. Ongoing Accumulation of Plant Diversity Through Habitat Connectivity in an 18-Year Experiment.

2019.9.25. Schulson, MichaelUndark. In a New Study on Bird Loss, Some Scientists Say Subtlety Is Lost, Too.

2019.9.18. Yale Environment 360. New Jersey Soil Microbe Shown to Break Down 'Forever Chemicals'.

2019.9.17. Helzer, ChrisThe Prairie Ecologist. A Deep-Rooted Prairie Myth.

2019.9.16. Quinn, LaurenIllinois Aces. Palmer Amaranths Molecular Secrets Reveal Troubling Potential.

2019.9.10. Roy, Charlotte L., Pamela L. Coy, Da Chen, Julia Ponder, and Mark JankowskiScience of the Total Environment. Multi-scale Availability of Neonicotinoid-treated Seed for Wildlife in an Agricultural Landscape During Spring Planting.

2019.9.9. Gaul, Alma. The Quad-City Times. Volunteers at Fairmount Cemetery Working to Preserve a Remnant of Iowa's Original Prairie.

2019.9.9. Garcia, Reina. KSNT. Protecting the Prairie: How the Nature Conservancy Is Helping Preserve What's Left.

2019.9.8. The Spencer Daily Reporter. History, Habitat, and Location Collide to Make Waterman Prairie a True Iowa Treasure.

2019.9.6. Pampuro, Amanda. Courthouse News Service. USDA Sued Over Killing of Plagued Urban Prairie Dogs.

2019.9.6. Ahmed, Amal. Texas Observer. How Texas Prairies Could Help Combat Climate Change.

2019.9.6. The Courier. UNI Dedicating Prairie Preserve to Visionary Professor.

2019.9.5. Teasdale, Aaron. Sierra Club. Building an American Serengeti in Montana.

2019.9.3. May, Jake. MLive. Rare Oak Savanna Restoration Underway at New Michigan Park.

2019.9.3. Fischer, Jim. This Week News. Whetstone Prairie Restoration Flourishes.

2019.9.1. Petersen, Christine. Minnesota Nature Conservancy. Thunder on the Plains.


August 2019

2019.8.30. Mithaqiyan, Sarv. Hutchinson Leader. Pheasants Forever Develops Kingston Wildlife Management Area.

2019.8.29. Vollman, Alexandra. Modern Conservationist. Threatened American Prairies: Crucial for Their Biodiversity, Native Grasslands Need a Helping Hand.

2019.8.27. Gunderson, Dan. MPR News. Scientists Studying Effect of Climate Change, Invasives in Minnesota - Plant by Plant.

2019.8.19. Voth, Kathy. On Pasture. How Short and How Often Should You Graze Your Grass.

2019.8.19. Helzer, Chris. Cool Green Science. Focus on Native Bees, Not Honey Bees.

2019.8.16. Decker, Brenna L., and Alexandra N. Harmon-ThreattSpringer Nature. Growing or Dormant Season Burns: The Effects of Burn Season on Bee and Plant Communities.

2019.8.16. Gunderson, DanMPR News. Big Buzz About Program to Turn Lawns Into Pollinator Habitat.

2019.8.14. Helzer, ChrisThe Prairie Ecologist. Grasses Have Flowers Too.

2019.8.12. Voth, KathyOn Pasture. Comparing Rotational and Continuous Grazing – A Time Lapse Video.

2019.8.12. Stafford Mader, LindsayThe Observer. As Monarch Populations Continue to Decline, a Grassroots Movement of Native Milkweed Stewards Is Emerging Across Texas.

2019.8.12. Capital Journal. Farmers Prevented From Planting Crops on More Than 19 Million Acres.

2019.8.6. Leahy, Stephen. National Geographic. Insect 'Apocalypse' in U.S. Driven by 50x Increase in Toxic Pesticides.

2019.8.6. Akron Beacon Journal. Organic Farming Conference to Include Pollinators Presentation.

2019.8.5. Markey, MattThe Toledo Blade. Ducks Unlimited Puts More Than $3 Million Into Ohio Projects.

2019.8.3. Parr, Kate, and Caroline Planting Trees Is a Good Idea, but Not Everywhere – Especially Not in Grasslands.

2019.8.1. White, SteveNTV ABC. Regenerative Farming Could Be Good for Soil and Pocketbook.

2019.8.1. Nicholson, KieranThe Denver Post. Plague Confirmed in Commerce City Prairie Dogs; Rocky Mountain Arsenal Closes.


July 2019

2019.7.31Hirtzer, Michael. Bloomberg. Grain Traders Lash Out After USDA Trumpets Flawed Corn Data.

2019.7.30The Associated Press. KOB4. Some in New Mexico Vow to Fight Prairie Chicken Lawsuit.

2019.7.28Dokken, Brad. Agweek. 'Cows Are Awesome': Working Grasslands Partnership Uses Managed Cattled Grazing to Benefit Habitat and Wildlife on Expired CRP Lands in North Dakota.

2019.7.27Kennedy, Tony. Star Tribune. New Duck and Pheasant Plans Emphasize Benefits Beyond Hunting.

2019.7.28Casteel, Chris. The Oklahoman. Struggle Resumes Over Whether Lesser Prairie Chicken Needs Federal Protection.

2019.7.24Molseed, John. PostBulletin. DNR Needed Help Managing Prairies on Steep Hillsides. They Called on Goats.

2019.7.23Krohn, Tim. Mankato Free Press. MPCA Reports Show Need for Dramatic Reduction in Soil Entering Rivers.

2019.7.17Silvola, Caro. Minnesota Invasive Terrestrial Plants and Pests Center. How Goat-Grazing Research Is Helping With Buckthorn Control.

2019.7.15Bluestem Prairie. On the Tao of Butterflies & Bumblebees News About Pollinators Flits Throught Greater MN Press.

2019.7.12Fleming Hayes, Rhonda. Star Tribune. Plants for the Garden: Native vs. Native Enough.

2019.7.11KARE11. Youtube. Sven Explains: The Plight of the Dakota Skipper Butterfly.

2019.7.9Dokken, Brad. Northland Outdoors. Mentor Prairie Wildlife Management Area a Showcase for Richardson's Ground Squirrels.

2019.7.8Korzenowski, Molly. Twin Cities Pioneer Press. Minnesota Zoo to Release 400 Endangered Dakota Skipper Butterflies.

2019.7.7Schumacher, Kylie. The Coloradoan. Soapstone Prairie a Haven for Vulnerable Wildlife and Humans, Too.

2019.7.7Dokken, Brad. Grand Forks Herald. Mentor Prairie Wildlife Management Area a Showcase for Richardson's Ground Squirrels.

2019.7.5Woodin, Debby. The Joplin Globe. A Place on the Prairie: Settlement of Mining Contamination to Fund Wildlife Habitat.

2019.7.5Junker, Lisa. Entomology Today. Research That's for the Birds: Grazed Land Increases Insect Food Supply for Sage Grouse.

2019.7.2Muyskens, John, Laris Karklis, and Andrew Van Dam. The Washington Post. Midwestern Farmers' Struggles With Extreme Weather Are Visible From Space.

2019.7.2Sealy News. Prairie Restoration Helps With Flooding.

2019.7.1Waters, Hannah. Audubon. Grazing Like It's 1799: How Ranchers Can Bring Back Grassland Birds.

2019.7.1Kissinger, Jessie. Popular Mechanics. Give Your Yard Back to Nature.


June 2019

2019.6.28Kumar, Pushpam. Columbia University Earth Institute. Nature-Based Solutions: The Missing Ingredient in Climate Adaptation?

2019.6.26Fitzgerald, Austin. Pine Woodland Restoration Creates Haven for Birds in Midwest, Study Finds.

2019.6.25Shea, Jessica. National Geographic. Educator Spotlight: Protecting Our Prairies.

2019.6.25Greenwood, Dan. Mankota Free Press. Local Group Aims to Bring Back Region's Diminishing Prairies.

2019.6.24Yong, Ed. The Atlantic. Monarch Butterflies Reared in Captivity Lack a Crucial Ability.

2019.6.24Roy, Charlotte L. and Andrew J. Gregory. Springer Nature. Landscape Genetic Evaluation of a Tallgrass Prairie Corridor Using the Greater Prairie.

2019.6.20NABCI Canada. The State of Canada's Birds 2019.

2019.6.17Kane, Will. To Help the Bees, Protect the Prairie.

2019.6.14Belsie, Laurent. Christian Science Monitor. Habitat Meets Profit As Ranchers Restore Native Prairies.

2019.6.13Defenders of Wildlife. High Plains Journal. Lawsuit Seeks Endangered Species Protection for Lesser Prairie Chicken.

2019.6.12Roseboro, Ken. Civil Eats. Regenerating the Soil Transformed This Indiana Farm.

2019.6.11Stateside Staff. NPR Michigan Radio. Endangered Butterfly Is a "Canary in the Coal Mine" for Water Quality in Michigan.

2019.6.10Stokstad, Erik. Science Mag. Twice As Many Plants Have Gone Extinct Than Birds, Mammals, and Amphibians Combined.

2019.6.10Gunderson, Dan. MPR News. New Appreciation for a Minnesota Fish Long Considered Junk.

2019.6.9Biba, Erin. Gizmodo. Your Cheap-Ass Bee House Is Probably Killing the Bees.

2019.6.7Gunderson, Dan. MPR News. Art From Invasive Species Creates Conversations About Conservation.

2019.6.6Schardin, Tom. SW News Media. Better, More Accurate Maps to View Wetlands.

2019.6.5. Volz, MattAssociated Press. Court Fight Could Affect Future of Bison in Montana.

2019.6.5Stanley, Treg. Star Tribune. Minnesota Lawmakers Approve $4 Million to Build National Loon Center in Crosslake.

2019.6.4Klein, JoAnna. The New York Times. Fish Cannons, Koi Herpes and Other Tools to Combat Invasive Carp.

2019.6.4Goetz, KaomiTwin Cities PBS. What Does It Take to Bring MN's Bison Herds Back?

2019.6.3Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. DNR Releases Minnesota's National Wetlands Inventory Update.

2019.6.3Hance, Jeremy. Mongabay. The Great Insect Dying: A Global Look at a Deepening Crisis.

2019.6.3Dorenkamp, Mark. Brownfield Ag News. Study Shows Cover Crops Reduce Nitrate Loss in Tile Drainage.

2019.6.1Kennedy, Tony. Star Tribune. Bigger Problems in the Wilderness Mean Bigger Spending Set by Legislators.

May 2019

2019.5.31. Moon, When a Dominant Herbicide Becomes Less Effective, What Next?

2019.5.31. Gunderson, DanMPR News. Meet the Rusty Patched Bumblebee, Minnesota's New Bee Ambassador.

2019.5.31. Bergquist, Charles and Ira FlatowScience Friday. When a Dominant Herbicide Becomes Less Effective, What Next?

2019.5.30. Stanley, GregStar Tribune. Program to Pay Minnesota Homeowners to Let Their Lawn Go to the Bees.

2019.5.23. Puckett, KarlGreat Falls Tribune. Plague Wipes Out Prairie Dogs, Ferrets at Montana's UL Bend.

2019.5.22. Gunderson, DanMPR News. Farmers Testing New Fertilizer Alternative: Bacteria.

2019.5.20Associated Press. WILX. Land Purchase to Restore Endangered Butterfly Habitat.

2019.5.13Mccormick, Tori JStar Tribune. Conservation Corps Leans in With a Little Sweat and a Lot of Service.

2019.5.8Shamoon, Hila. Smithsonian's National Zoo & Conservation Biology Institute. Tracking Bison Across the Grasslands of Montana.

2019.5.7Miller, Ashley. Ask the Expert: A Pollinator Q&A with Karin Jokela.

2019.5.6Plumer, Brad. The New York Times. Humans Are Speeding Extinction and Altering the Natural World at an 'Unprecedented' Pace.

2019.5.5Dokken, Bradley S. Grand Forks Herald. More Bust Than Boom for Dwindling Prairie Chickens in Grand Forks County.

2019.5Saunders, Manu E. American Scientist. No Simple Answers for Insect Conservation.


April 2019

2019.4.30Deines, Tina. Ensia. Think Native Grasslands Are Just a Bunch of "Boring Grass"? Think Again.

2019.4.30Daley, Jim. Scientific American. As Pesticide Turns Up in More Places, Safety Concerns Mount.

2019.4.28Worland, Gayle. Wisconsin State Journal. Art on the Trail Puts Nature, Art Side by Side.

2019.4.28Whye, Mike. Omaha World-Herald. Iowa: Go Eye to Eye with Bison; Watch Prairie Chickens Dance; Spy an Eagle Soaring High.

2019.4.28Mertens, Kevin. Faribault County Register. Bringing the Prairie to Life.

2019.4.26Stanley, Greg. Star Tribune. Scientists Breed Hazelnuts As the Next Cash Crop for Midwest Farmers.

2019.4.26Science Friday. Cities Are Turning Flood Water Into Freshwater.

2019.4.26Ford, Ashley. Waxahachietx Faily Light. Waxahachie Resident Prepares Blackland Prairie for Wildlife, Wildflower Adventure Event.

2019.4.24Freijat, Julie. The Collegian. Konza Prairie Biological Station Provides Land for Research on Ecology, Conservation.

2019.4.24Carbone, Lucas M., Julia Tavella, Juli G. Pausas, and Ramiro Aguilar. Wiley. A Global Synthesis of Fire Effects on Pollinators.

2019.4.23Wood, T.J., J. Gibbs, K. K. Graham, and R. Isaacs. Ecological Society of America. Narrow Pollen Diets Are Associated with Declining Midwestern Bumble Bee Species.

2019.4.23Sorensen, Eric. Washington State University. WSU Researchers See Health Effects Across Generations from Popular Weed Killer.

2019.4.22Minnesota Department of Agriculture. MDA Finds Palmer Amaranth in Feed Screenings.

2019.4.18McCoy, Mary Kate. Wisconsin Public Radio. UW-Madison Arboretum Added to National Register of Historic Places.

2019.4.16Wilson, Rylee. The Daily Iowan. University of Iowa Students Restore Native Prairies for Monarch Migration.

2019.4.16Kobilinsky, Dana. The Wildlife Society. Mowing for Monarchs.

2019.4.16. The Longspur Prairie Fund. Spring 2019 Quarterly Newsletter.

2019.4.15Renkl, Margaret. The New York Times. To Nurture Nature, Neglect Your Lawn.

2019.4.14Anderson, Dennis. Star Tribune. Landowners in Minnesota and Elsewhere Are Creating a Movement.

2019.4.11Daly, Natasha. National Geographic. Earth's Grasslands Are Vanishing. See the Wildlife That Calls Them Home.

2019.4.9German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research. Plant Diversity Increases Insect Diversity.

2019.4.8. Grzeskiewicz, MegOn Pasture. Temporary Perimeter Fencing.

2019.4.5Kaczke, Lisa. Sioux Falls Argus Leader. South Dakota Begins Predator Bounty Program to Boost Pheasant Hunting Despite Opposition, Questions.

2019.4.3. Northland Outdoors. South Dakota Predator Bounty Program Begins.

2019.4.1. Newport, Alan. Beef Producer. Native Grasses Win Performance Tests.

2019.4.1Iowa State University News Service. New Grant Will Allow ISU Scientists to Study How Prairie Strips on Farms Affect Soil Health Over Time.


March 2019

2019.3.30. Belz, Adam. Star Tribune. Farmland Prices Reach Historic Highs in Upper Midwest.

2019.3.26. Gates, Bill. GatesNotes. We Should Discuss Soil As Much As We Talk About Coal.

2019.3.26. Carrington, Damian. The Guardian. Widespread Losses of Pollinating Insects Revealed Across Britain.

2019.3.26. Dickinson County News. Prairie Chicken Day Set for April 6.

2019.3.25. Yurkonis, Kathryn A., Josie Dillon, Devan A. McGranahan, David Toledo, and Brett J. Goodwin. Fire Ecology. Seasonality of Prescribed Fire Weather Windows and Predicted Fire Behavior in the Northern Great Plains.

2019.3.25. Kansas Ag Connection. USAgNet. Scientists Study How Soil Microbiome Affects Prairie Health.

2019.3.23. Nicolaus, Ruth. Tri-State Livestock News. Back in Grass: Producers See Returns in Returning Farmland to Grassland.

2019.3.21. Daley, Jim. Scientific American. Study on Week Killers and Monarch Butterflies Spurs Ecological Flap.

2019.3.19. South Dakota State University. New Approach to Stem Soil Erosion.

2019.3.18. Helzer, Chris. The Prairie Ecologist. Why Are Scientists So Bad at Using Words?

2019.3.11. Roberts, Siobhan. The New York Times. She Invented a Board Game with Scientific Integrity. It's Taking Off.

2019.3.11. Successful Farming Staff. Successful Farming. Join the Soil Health Revolution.

2019.3.10. Halliwell, Anne. AP News. Greenspace: Who'll Influence Farmers? Other Farmers.

2019.3.5. Gewin, Virginia. Successful Farming. New Market Planned to Pay Farmers for Soil Carbon, Water Quality.

2019.3.5. The Applied Ecologist's Blog. U.S. Policy-Based Management Improves Grassland Bird Nest Survival -- Although Finder-Scale Habitat Has Superior Predictive Ability.

2019.3.5. Jibben, Betsy. AgWeb. CRP Acres in Limbo As Farmers Wait for Sign-Ups to Begin.

2019.3.5. Anderson, Dennis. Star Tribune. Environmental Education Might Be Solution to Making Natural Resources Relevant.

2019.3.4. Painter, Kristen Leigh. Star Tribune. General Mills Announces Regenerative Land-Use Goal: 1 Million Acres by 2030.

2019.3.4. Gunderson, Dan. MPR News. Bee Proud: Minnesota Is Among the Best at Protecting Pollinators.

2019.3.3. Anderson, Dennis. Star Tribune. Wildlife, Water -- Or More Crops? Both Sides Have Their Points.

2019.3. National Wildlife Federation. New Research Findings Link Biofuel Mandate to Environmental Harm.


February 2019

2019.2.25. Lambert, Jonathan. NPR News. Greener Childhood Associated with Happier Adulthood.

2019.2.17. Cherveny, Tom. West Central Tribune. Conservation in Challenging Times.

2019.2.17. Juchems, Elizabeth. Corn + Soybean Digest. Ten-Year Cover Crop Study Challenges Negative Yield Perceptions.

2019.2.14. Whittington, Gordon. North American Whitetail. Tracking Deer Providing Valuable CWD Information.

2019.2.12. Rominiecki, Joe. Entomological Society of America. On the Fate of Insects, Most Troubling Is How Much Is Still Unknown.

2019.2.11. NewsCenter1Staff. Gov. Kristi Noem Appoints Two New Members to Game, Fish and Parks Commission.

2019.2.11. Garfield Farm Museum. Daily Herald. 'Caring for Life that Sustains Us': Introduction to Native Plants, Their Care and Management.

2019.2.11. Drake, Phil. Great Falls Tribune. Bill Taps Into the Wild and Domestic Side of Bison.

2019.2.11. Anderson, Stephanie. The Conversation. Regenerative Agriculture Can Make Farmers Stewards of the Land Again.

2019.2.11. Advantage News. Spring Events to Provide Paths for Restoring Green Spaces.

2019.2.10Weniger, Deanna. Pioneer Press. Dakota County Considering Bison to Help Restore Prairies. Animals Called a 'Keystone Piece'.

2019.2.10Carrington, Damian. The Guardian. Plummeting Insect Numbers 'Threaten Collapse of Nature'.

2019.2.9Jensen, Tyler. Morrison County Record. LF Hopes for Speedy Solution to Wastewater Fund Battle.

2019.2.8. Smithsonian's National Zoo & Conservation Biology Institute. Where the Bison Roam.

2019.2.8. Perkins, JohnBrownfield Ag News for America. USDA: Record High Soybean Production in 2018.

2019.2.6. Pomplun, Gillian. Landowners Urged to Protect Driftless Region as 'Biodiversity Hotspot'.

2019.2.6. The Osakis Review. Here's How a Conservationist Evaluates a Field.

2019.2.4Gerrish, Jim. On Pasture. Teaching Cattle to Grace Like Goats.

2019.2.3Cherveny, Tom. West Central Tribune. Land Debate Takes Center Stage: Lac qui Parle County Not Inclined to Add More Public Land.

January 2019

2019.1.30. Sherman, Christopher. AP News. Monarch Population Up 144 Percent at Mexico Wintering Grounds.

2019.1.29. Zirbel, Chad R., Emily Grman, Tyler Bassett, Lars A. Brudvig. The Ecological Society of America. Landscape Context Explains Ecosystem Multifunctionality in Restored Grasslands Better Then Plant Diversity.

2019.1.28. Knutson, Jonathan. AgWeek. Minn. Farmer Wins National Recognition for Soil Health Efforts.

2019.1.28. Bynum, Tony. Great Falls Tribune. BLM's Lewistown Draft Management Plan Critical for Prairie Conservation.

2019.1.28. Bodeker, Ruby F. Vinton Newspapers. Butterfly Loss Involves More Than Habitat Loss.

2019.1.28. Agri-Pulse Staff. Minnesota Farm Guide. New Rules Spur Debate Over What Is Really a Wetland.

2019.1.27. Anderson, Dennis. Star Tribune. Readers Tell How They Would Solve Conservation Problems.

2019.1.23. Reiley, Bryan M., Kirk W. Stodola, and Thomas J. Benson. Ecosphere. Are Avian Population Targets Achievable Through Programs That Restore Habitat on Private-Lands?

2019.1.23. Helzer, Chris. Prairie Ecologist. Can the Public Care Too Much?

2019.1.22. National Association of Conservation Districts. 2018 Farm Bill Breakdown: Conservation Reserve Program.

2019.1.21. Brown, Jennifer. Colorado Sun. Colorado's Booming Pronghorn Population Is Running Horns - First Into Newly Built Neighborhoods.

2019.1.18. Walker, Jason. Sustainable Farming Association. Soil Health Cafe Chats Returning to Six Sites This Spring.

2019.1.18. AGDAILY Reporters. Ag Daily. Report Reveals Women Are Key to Increasing Conservation.

2019.1.17. Kennedy, Tony. Star Tribune. Minnesota Pheasant Action Plan Hits Next Phase With Ups and Downs.

2019.1.16. Uren, Adam. Bring Me The News. Minnesota Winters Are Warming 13 Times Faster Than Its Summers, U of M Scientist Says.

2019.1.16. McFeely, Mike. Fargo Forum. McFeely: F-M Diversion Derailed, for Now, by Watershed Board.

2019.1.15. Carrington, Damian. The Guardian. Insect Collapse: 'We Are Destroying Our Life Support Systems'.

2019.1.11. Dixon, Cami, Sara Vacek, and Todd Grant. Science Direct. Evolving Management Paradigms on U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Lands in the Prairie Pothole Region.

2019.1.11. Chozick, Amy. The New York Times. Female Ranchers Are Reclaiming the American West.

2019.1.10. Yong, Ed. The Atlantic. Plants Can Hear Animals Using Their Flowers.

2019.1.9. Dunbar, Elizabeth, Dan Gunderson, and Kirsti Marohn. MPR News. Care About the Environment? Here's What to Watch in the 2019 Legislature.

2019.1.8. Noem, Kristi. Aberdeen News. Transcript: Gov. Kristi Noem 2019 State of the State Address.

2019.1.8. Helzer, Chris. Cool Green Science. One Square Meter of Prairie.

2019.1.3. Bakst, Brian. MPR News. Incoming Gov. Walz Shapes His Environmental, Health Teams.

2019.1.2. Helzer, Chris. The Prairie Ecologist. It's Working! Evidence of Benefits from Seed-Addition in Degraded Prairie.

2019.1.2. Chakravorty, Adityarup. American Society of Agronomy. Long Term Ag Change Impacts Stream Water Quality.

2019.1. Martin, Alexandra. Fargo Monthly, Giving Hearts Day Issue. Featured Organization: The Longspur Prairie Fund.

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